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The Carver Chronicles is a newsletter designed to share and celebrate all of the great learning activities, extra-curricular events and awesome accomplishments that happen every day at Carver Middle High School!

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5 Things you may not know about... Mrs. Kusins

  1. She studied marketing at Penn. State University.
  2. In high school, she participated in an exchange program and stayed with a family in Pau, France.
  3. She rode down Mount Haleakala volcano on a bicycle.
  4. She coached youth cheerleading.
  5. She went to an all girls high school.

High School Student Spotlight

  • Name: Brayden Boyle
  • Grade: 10
  • Hobby: Listening to music, drama, playing video games

  • Favorite class: American Literature
  • Favorite sports team: Patriots and Red Sox!
  • Accomplishments: Has played 11 main roles in theatre productions
  • Fun fact: He started acting in pre-school!
  • Career interest: Landscaping or something in the electrical field

Middle School Student Spotlight

  • Name: Katie Blotner
  • Grade: 8

  • Favorite class: Math
  • Favorite food: Raspberries
  • Favorite sports team: Patriots
  • Favorite book: Anything Harry Potter!
  • Hobby: Dance
  • Career interests: Education

crusaders in (and out of) class!

Mr. Wechter's young geographers learning latitude and longitude!

Jimminy crickets!!! Students in AP Environmental Science are learning about more efficient ways of producing protein for a growing population. Everyone tried cookies made with cricket flour (thanks to culinary classes for making these delicious morsels!). And a few brave souls tried actual crickets.

This week in Ms. Reardon's ELA classes, students learned about how to be good digital citizens! They were tasked with designing their own Superheroes to protect and defend the digital citizens of the world!

These Digital Superheroes protect people from trolls, help people post positivity in message boards, and remind students to T.H.I.N.K. before posting anything on social media!

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The 8th grade students are working on abstract pastel drawings that were inspired from their 3D upcycled books. Students had to photograph their books then enlarge them before applying the pastels.

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These students then upcycled the old books and turned them into creative sculptures.

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Which team from Ms. Haen’s AP Stats Class will perform the most successful Barbie Bungee?! They have some more work to do to to come up with a game plan, but they’re well on their way!

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Senior Dinner Dance is the first event for the class of 2020. The dance floor was packed and we danced to beats new and old!

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It was a beautiful day for our amazing Senior Class to spend together on the Duck Boat Field Trip last Friday. Quack, Quack!

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Mrs. Waitner’s biology classes went outside to play a vocabulary review game, and things got a little competitive.

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This week, 7th grade comprehensive health students created a newspaper board highlighting their many special talents and unique qualities. Students composed stories regarding a significant event, critiqued their favorite book or movie and created cartoon strips. They worked very hard and their talents were quite impressive

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Ms. Whipple's Spanish class participated in an open-air market simulation where students interacted in Spanish as tourists and vendors. Students pretended that they were experiencing an open-air market in Ixtapa, Mexico, the setting of our current Spanish novel Problemas en paraiso by Carol Gaab.

Students in the Deltas program took a break and enjoyed some fun fall activities at CN Smith Farm.

Last week we showed you how hard we work in the classroom, so this week the students in the POST Program thought they would show you their reward... Apple Picking! After learning more about apples and apple picking, we came back to school and made some delicious apple crisp!

On Wednesday, Junior Tyler Reardon spent time volunteering with Carver Fire Department's Company 3 helping with cleaning and equipment checks. Tyler has already completed his required 25 community service hours but still volunteers whenever he can because he loves doing it.

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There's always something to do in the library after school.

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after school clubs

The Slam Poetry club deep in thought, using quotes to make a collaborative poem!

The Caring Crusaders are looking for new members to join the club! They are a student-led group who strive to end underage drinking. They work as a team to spread awareness on the dangers of substance abuse and addiction throughout the Carver schools and community. If you are interested in joining, please see your High School Counselor.

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Unified Soccer had its first practice to prepare for the upcoming season! Ms. Wilson worked with the team during a passing drill and then played a fun game of World Cup. Practice ended with the team gathering together for a team chant and an inspirational speech from Jake Cotter.

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crusader corner

The school store is now open for business. Stop by Crusader Corner, located in the high school lobby, after school to pick up your favorite snack or drink and check out the Crusader gear available for purchase. (Available from 2:05-2:30)

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yankee candle fundraiser

We are partnering with Yankee Candle® Fundraising to help support Crusader Pride and other Middle School celebrations throughout the year. They are the world's #1 candle brand

and they offer a wide range of premium candles, fragrances, and décor items at a very wide range of prices. But the most important thing to know is that a percentage of every sale goes to us! More information will be sent out next week. Thank you for your support!!


Here are the scheduled games for the upcoming week, weather permitting.

Get out there and cheer on Crusader Nation!

Monday October 7th

Cross Country: @ Randolph 4:00pm

Tuesday October 8th

Boys Soccer: @ Bishop Feehan 4:00pm

Field Hockey: @ Norwell 6:30pm (Varsity)

Field Hockey: @ Norwell 5:15pm (JV)

Golf: vs. Rockland 3:30pm

Wednesday October 9th

Field Hockey: @ East Bridgewater 3:00pm

Golf: vs. Plymouth North 3:30pm

Girls Soccer: @ East Bridgewater 4:30pm

Thursday October 10th

Freshman Football: @ Abington 4:00pm

Golf: vs. Abington 3:30pm

Friday October 11th

Golf: @ Plymouth North 3:30pm

Girls Soccer: @ Middleboro 4:00pm

Boys Soccer: vs. Middleboro 3:00pm

Volleyball: vs. Mashpee 4:00pm

Varsity Football: @ Abington 7:00pm

*Congrats to the boys soccer team for qualifying for the state tournament!!

Congratulations to McKenna Seaman, Katie Blotner, Luke Holden, and Matt Buck for their participation in MSTCA Frank Kelly Middle School Invitational. All runners with an outstanding effort in their division.

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Thanks to Carver Shaws for making a donation to the athletic department

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Pasta dinner to get ready for their next match

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Team bonding in preparation for their next game

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Counseling Corner

The school counseling department welcomed our newest members of Crusader Nation to Carver Middle High School at our Annual New Student Breakfast. Our cafeteria staff and culinary department provided some great food for the event. The students seemed to enjoy Mr. Vance's chocolate chip pancakes too!

Student parking stickers are now available in the main office from Mrs. Doyle

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