Planet Saturn

The History Of Saturn


Who Discovered Saturn

Galileo discovered Saturn. Galileo was also the first to see Saturn through a telescope. Galileo was blind so the image of Saturn was blurry to him.


The diameter of Saturn is 74,560 miles and 120,540 km. The mass of saturn is 568.46.


Saturns temperature in Fahrenheit -292F to -249F in Celsius -123C to -100C. Saturn is filled with gases such as hydrogen, helium, methane and ethane. Saturns air is filled with gases.

Earth/Sun Distance

Distance from the sun/ Earth

Saturn is is 890 million miles and 1,427 million km away from the sun.

Saturn is 762,700,000 miles and(1,030,000,000) km away from earth


Total Moons

So 63 moons have been discovered orbiting Saturn and 53 have been named. some of the known moons are Titan, Phoebe, and Pandora.


Saturn is a ball made up of hydrogen and helium. Saturn has less dense.If you out Saturn in a big body of water it would float. The temperature of saturn changes the deeper the planet goes. Saturn can't be said to have a solid surface. Saturn's rings are made up of crystals. Saturn is filled with gases like hydrogen,ammonia,methane,etc.



Saturn takes a period of 10 hours 47 minutes.July 2004 a spacecraft called Cassini was inserted into orbit about Saturn and it has completed many orbits around the planet.


It takes Saturn 10,759 Earth days (or about 29 1/2 Earth years), to finish one revolution around the Sun.

Long Is a Day/Year

Day and Year

Saturn length of a day is only 10 hrs, 13 min, 59 sec!!! and the length of a year is 29.42

Diagram of Elliptical Path

Interesting Facts


  1. Saturn can be seen without a telescope.Saturn is seen as a star in the nights sky.
  2. The spokes that surround saturn are made of crystals.
  3. The nickname for Saturn rings areThe Lord of the Rings.
  4. Saturns winds go 1,000 mph (6,380 kmph) its faster than earths winds.
  5. Because the rings are so thin, when you look at them from the side, they almost disappear

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