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Ultimate Advantages of Getting Obesity Surgery in India

Obesity surgery in India has set a unique record in allowing as many abroad patients to lose extra body weight. This surgery is available in India at an affordable price at weight loss surgery hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai and Nagpur.

Introduction to obesity surgery

Obesity surgery has provided guaranteed weight reduction to many patients who were suffering from morbid obesity. Obesity is a disorder in which the reserves of natural energy that are stored in the form of fatty tissue in the human body get enhanced at a certain point. Here obesity gets associated with certain kinds of health disorders and enhanced mortality. In other words obesity is a condition in which the body weight of the patient becomes twice more than his ideal body weight. Today the disease of morbid obesity has become a prominent health challenge. It is estimated that in the coming 25 years obesity is to become as one of the largest money drains on a family and a country with other disorders due to defective lifestyle like diabetes and hypertension. Obesity is concerned with a bunch of problems in which the body mass index of a person crosses 40.

What are the main reasons of obesity?

Following are the main reasons of obesity:

1) Unhealthy eating habits

2) Problems of hormonal imbalance

3) Lack of activity

4) Poor lifestyle

5) Genetic reasons

6) Poor lifestyle

Introduction to obesity surgery

Obesity surgery is a procedure in which a patient is able to shed off his extra body weight. In this weight reduction surgery, weight loss is attained by reduction of the size of the stomach with an implanted medical device which is known as gastric banding. Weight loss is also obtained by removal of a portion of the stomach or rerouting of the small intestine into a small pouch of the stomach. Many research studies have proved that the procedures enabling weight loss have brought down the rate of mortality due to obesity from 40% to 25%. This is a significant achievement by renowned obesity surgeons.

Which are the popular procedures of obesity surgery?

Following are the popular procedures of obesity surgery:

1) Gastric sleeve surgery: This surgery is the latest form of weight reduction surgery. A laparoscope is used in this procedure to shed off extra weight from the body of those people who are suffering from morbid obesity. In the operation of gastric sleeve surgery the surgeon eliminates more than half portion of the patient’s stomach. Thus the leftover stomach is made in the shape of a sleeve and is closed by using staples. When the patient loses enough weight then he can also undertake the surgery of gastric bypass.

2) Lap band surgery: This surgery is also known as gastric band surgery. In this procedure the weight loss surgeon wraps a band around the top section of the stomach of the patient by using a laparoscope. The gastric band is injected in the body with a saline that causes the patient to feel satisfied after he eats less quantity of food. Gastric band surgery has now assumed the form of a minimally invasive surgery. This surgery is performed by the weight loss surgeon on an outpatient basis. In this surgery the gastric bands in this surgery can be tightened and loosened according to one’s facility.

3) Gastric bypass surgery: This surgery is a weight loss procedure that consumes a time of four hours. Roux-en-bypass is one of the most popular forms of gastric bypass surgery. This surgery is done by making a long incision. The surgeon makes a small pouch at the top of the abdomen by using plastic band and staples. The smaller part of the stomach is connected to the section of the small intestine that is known as jejunum. By this kind of rearrangement the food bypasses through the rest of the stomach. After getting this surgery the patient’s hunger gets satisfied even after eating a few crumbs of food.

Advantages of getting obesity surgery

The procedure of obesity surgery has been designed for reduction of complications and illness that is caused due to morbid obesity. For many patients weight loss improves multiple side health disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, blood cholesterol and disease of coronary arteries. In addition to this the other body systems include advantages to the endocrine, digestive and immune system. However procedures of weight loss need complete dedication and self determination for those who undertake it by bringing a change in their lifestyle. After the surgery if the patient follows instructions of his surgeon then he attains 60% weight loss advantage besides getting improvement in other health problems.

Why come to India for weight reduction surgery?

During the last 5 years obesity surgery in India has provided weight loss benefit to numerous patients who came from abroad destinations like Singapore, USA, Canada, UK and other European countries. Patients from many international destinations have realized that India is a pioneer in the field of medical treatment and healthcare services. The obesity surgery hospitals and surgeons in India have set a master record of curing hundreds of patients from morbid obesity disease. Above all the price of weight loss surgery in India is quite affordable to the pockets of all. You can know more in this concern by sending your queries at enquiry@cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com You can also make a phone call to us at +91-98604-32255