Banquet Manger

Planning meeting, convention and event or special events.

Job Environment

Most the time in your office planning: Meeting, Convention and events.

Skills & Tasks Required

Some task and requirement are:

  • Communication
  1. You should know how to communicate with other people and have patients with your client so you will not get angry.
  • Problem Solving
  1. If you can solve a problem fast the better promote you will have.
  • Organization
  1. You need to be organize so everything you need to plan won't bundle up.
  • Negotiation
  1. Getting the best price for your clients and yourself
  • Customer-service
  1. If you clients are having problem they can always contact you and get a agreement with them
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Knowledge, education, Training & experience

You need a Bachelor Degree (4- years).

You need to have major in:

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Business

You also need a license or Certification.

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How Much is the Median Pay?

The median is $22.02 per hour.

The median pay per year is $45,810.