News From Room 1

April 29, 2016

Upcoming dates:

Tuesday May 3rd field day wear comfy clothes and safe shoes

May 5th Mother's Day Breakfast Celebration

May 6th Grace Carnival 4:30-7:30 P.M.

May 11 and May 12 Parent Conferences at Grace

May 12th Cookout/camping day (More information to come soon)

May 13th Water/messy play day (More information to come soon)

May 16th Deanna Rose Field Trip (More information to come soon)

May 19th Last Day of School

In Review

Spring is here and we have enjoyed spending time outside. We have dug into learning about nature; dirt, pine cones, bugs, frogs, and worms. Over the last few weeks we have explored mixing colors using our new book "Mix It Up," the next book after "Press Here." We tried different methods to see if we could create new colors. We used finger paints, water colors, tempera paints, and shaving cream with liquid water color paints. We learned that no matter how hard you tried water colors didn't mix like finger paints and tempera. We used shaving cream and pool noodle slices to build towers, road, bridges, and sculptures. Finally this past week we have been exploring our underground friends the worm. We have looked at, touched, held, and examined them. Our friends have been really brave and excited to learn all about worms and how helpful they can be.

Coming Up:

As the year comes to a end we have a few fun days planned, stay tuned for more detailed information. We will continue to build our social skills, strengthen our small and large muscles, while exploring the world of gardening. We will be visiting Graceland and our Outdoor classroom to see what we can learn, explore, find, and examine.

Field day is next wednesday and Ms. Sarah has a plan for us to have a lot of fun. We will be playing outside rotating through stations with fun activities. Please wear clothes that can get dirty, comfy, safe shoes, and sunscreen.

Celebrations and Wish Wells

Welcome to the world Baby Cruz, we are so excited for Korbyn and his family as they welcome their 2nd baby.

Happy 3rd Birthday Fletcher on Monday 4-25

Happy 3rd Birthday soon to Vivian 5-16 and Everlyn 5-21

Congratulations on tackling the potty; Mabel, Brinkley, and Fletcher!!!

Keep working on it, you'll get it; Liam, and T.J.!!

We wish you well- "Lift your friends and family into your hearts, the firefighters, policemen, ambulance workers, fire trucks, police cars, and the ambulance." If we don't have an absent child we will lift our family and friends. However we have also been practicing the art of noticing. When we hear sirens outside we stop and wish well, which led to us lifting our emergency helpers (have to be listed each time or there is a ruckus among the ranks.)