Pearl Trees

Organization for the Web on the Web

Finally an easy space to organize and group your favorite websites!

Pearltrees is a place for your interests. It is a website that lets you organize, explore and share everything you like on the internet. You can easily drag and drop any websites you choose and group them according to topic. You can also share these sites with co-workers and students. And wait..... There's also a Pearltrees app that you can download for FREE from the App Store, so you can have your favorite websites right on your mobile device!

If you want to earn this app sticker....

1. Go to

2. Sign up for a free account and download the app from the app store.

3. Add 2-3 of your favorite websites by clicking on the star. (if you want to group them, just drag and drop them on top of one another and name the group.)

4. Send me a snapshot of your Pearltree page with your sites.