World War 1

Posins Gas

Posion Gas

Posion Gas was a very serious weapon in World War 1, it killed many soldiers with its deadly force. A poison gas attack meant soldiers having to put on crude gas masks and if these were unsuccessful, an attack could leave a victim in agony for days and weeks before he finally succumbed to his injuries.

Trench Warfare & No Man's Land

Trench Warfare & No mans Land

The defintion of Trench Warfare is a type of combat in which opposing troops fight from trenches facing each other.

The defintion of No mans land is disputed ground, as between the front lines or trenches of two opposing armies.

Impact on Soldiers Trench Warfare

The impact of trench warfare on soldiers and their families was massive; it caused lots of deaths and injuries on the battlefields and also to the soldier's health. Trench warfare was used as a protection tactic to stop soldiers getting killed, it sure did that, but many soldiers died in the trenches as well because the trenches are as good as a death note. The trenches worked well by protecting soldiers from small artillery and enemy fire, but once a grenade or mustard gas landed in them the soldiers had nowhere to go. Information at >>

Impact on No Man's Land

The stretch of land between the front line trenches was dangerous. No Man's Land contained miles of barbed wire, hundreds of corpses, and land mines. Sometimes as narrow as 15 yards or as wide as several hundred yards, No Man's Land was heavily guarded by machine gun and sniper fire. Soldiers were forced to cross No Man's Land to advance or scout for enemy positions. Official truces were often necessary to retreaive the wounded or bury the dead. This also was a very deadly time in World War One. Information at >>