America's Citizens

Kelly, Hunter, Colton

6 steps to naturalization

  1. (green card) sign a statement of intent
  2. live in the US for 5 years, 3 if you are married to a US citizen
  3. Establish Actual residency and live in state of application for at least 3 months
  4. Interview with the USCIS to make sure of their moral character and basic understanding of the US constitution
  5. Examination of US history
  6. Oath of allegiance

How can someone lose their citizenship?

by obtaining citizenship in another country, serving in the military or hiding office in a foreign gov. or convicted of a major federal crime such as treason.

Illegal aliens

foreigner that enters into the country without an entry or immigrant visa

temporary visitors that never leave

illegally crossing the boarders

foreigners that over stayed their legal permits

Legal Aliens

a person from a foreign country who has established permanent residence. non citizens that have a permit to come and see relatives, work, or study. may hold jobs, receive government services, attend public schools and own property, entitled to legal protection, and pay taxes, cant vote, run for office, serve on jury, no gov jobs, and must carry id cards at all times