Dariy of a Wimpy kid Dog Days

BY: Jeff Kinney

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Written by: Jeff Kinney

Published by:Harry N. Abrams; 1 edition (October 12, 2009)

ISBN: 0810983915


Grades: 3 - 7

Awards: Young Artist Award 2013

Personal Review

I thought Diary of a Wimpy Kid was very funny like all the other books .Greg likes to stay inside to play video games all day and his mom doesn't like that. Greg thinks that the summer time means no responsibility and no rules but his mom says otherwise. So Greg's mom tries to get him out the house but all he does is rebel to that.

Teen Reads

“Dog Days is by far the best Diary of the Wimpy Kid book. It is very funny in some parts and really emphasizes Greg’s character. Besides being a comedy and fun to read, this book also proves a moral. Having fun doesn’t require going on expensive vacations. Just hanging out with your friends and family can be fun too.
I would recommend this book to any kid in grades four through eight. Any reader who likes funny books that don’t always make perfect sense would enjoy this book. Readers who want to read this book should also read Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Diary of the Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules, and Diary of the Wimpy Kid The Last Straw. I will definitely recommend this book to everyone!” ~Aditi

Amazon Reviews

SPOILERS. This book is not as funny as earlier volumes in the Wimpy Kid series. In fact, my family found it kind of disturbing. I've been reading it out loud to my kids - ages 7 and 11 - before bed, and while there are a few chuckle-worthy moments, most of it is a whole lot of lame. Greg is a whiny selfish jerk, the mom is perpetually clueless, the dad is a clueless jerk (who the heck forgets their wife at a gas station while on a family road trip and doesn't notice for almost an hour?), and even the grandpa turns out to be a jerk ("Oh, btw, I ran over your pet dog and then lied about it, isn't that funny?" and then dad gets mad and sticks grandpa with the brunch check on Father's Day in retaliation - how mature). Even when the father has to fix something Greg screwed up (like Mrs. Canfield's lawn), he doesn't make Greg responsible for his own actions, or even explain to the kid what he did wrong. Earlier books seemed more clever and funny, this one just feels like Jeff Kinney is running out of ideas. ~J.Hiliton