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Thank you to all our parents for your continued support of our program and your children! It has been an amazing start to this not so normal school year! We are so impressed with how well the students have adjusted and their level of participation! We know there have been a few glitches but overall we could not ask for a more perfect start to our new Distance Learning Program!

Academy Adventures Midtown will continue to offer Distance Learning and Distance Learning with Support Services for the time being. You are required to let us know the by 2:15 pm on Friday if your child will be attending the Distance Learning with Support Services program the coming week. As a reminder:

  • Children must arrive by 7:55 (M, T, Th and F) or 8:55 (Wednesday) and be picked up at 2:15
  • Children must wear a cloth mask the entire time in the building
  • Children are required to be in uniform every day, including Friday
  • Children must stay in their assigned seat
  • If your child has a fever of 100.4 they will be sent home, as well as other children in the household
  • Children will be required to wear headphones and participate in all Zoom Lessons
  • Children will be required do their Asynchronous learning while at school (Splashlearn, KidsA-Z, etc.)

Attendance is NOT optional. Students are required to complete their work daily that their teacher assigns, read the required minutes on their schedule and attend their assigned Zoom Lessons. Any child not fulfilling those requirements will incur absences. If your child is unable to attend, you must contact the school and let us know.

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Campbell's Corner

It is absolutely amazing to me that we have been “in school” for over a month. For me, the month has flown by, but I also have moments where time seems to have almost come to a complete stop.

Thank you to our fantastic families. We greatly appreciate the grace and patience you have shown us here at the school and online as we all navigate this new way of working together to teach your children. We are also keeping in mind that this is a challenge for many of you and we offer you the same grace and patience.

A few things for you to remember and be aware of as we continue this journey.

The information that we receive from various state and federal agencies, as well as our School Board, sometimes comes with little to no notice before it affects a policy already in place. We will always strive to give you as much advance notice of any changes as is possible.

While your child/ren are on ZOOM everyone in our meetings has access to the audio and video so please remember to watch your language and be appropriately dressed.

Students are required to attend the daily morning ZOOM meetings at 8:00 AM (9:00 AM on Wednesdays) and as well as their class ZOOM times.

Students are also required to read daily for their reading logs. Students have assignments on ClassDojo, SplashLearn, Reading A-Z and other sites given by their teacher. All of these assignments affect your child’s/children’s attendance if the assignments are not completed.

We continue to offer free breakfast, snack, and lunch for your child(ren). If students are on campus, we will feed them as always, no need for you to do anything. If your child(ren) are learning from home, just call the school by every Friday by 2:15 PM and let us know how many days’ worth of meals you want (up to 5!) and what day you want to pick the food up.

If you are interested in having your child(ren) on campus for distance learning support services, you must call weekly by 2:15 PM to let us know so we are able to make any necessary adjustments in the school.

Thank you again for continuing to be a part of the Academy Adventures Midtown family! We are thrilled that we are taking this journey together. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us! We are available by phone at 520-777-3757, on ClassDojo, and by text via Remind.

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Mrs. Gilbert's Class

Can you believe that we have just about a month behind us already?! Time flies when you are having fun! I want to thank my amazing students and parents for making this transition to Distance Learning smooth, fun, and healthy. Your time and patience has provided comfort in this new unknown. The more we have worked together, the more we have provided great opportunities to support your students!

Quick housekeeping; if your student has not logged on to Class Dojo, please let me know and I can assist in this process. There are daily assignment posts that are essential for attendance record keeping. SplashLearn and Reading A-Z are updated regularly and monitored to help with grades and data for your students! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about log on; I will be happy to help! Last, please do not hesitate to post in Class Dojo - especially for anything FLAT MRS. GILBERT

My Kindest Kinders have worked on letter recognition and sound! They have met and completed the first unit of our friend Cass, a SuperKid who taught us about the letter C! Cass has helped us identify the letter, initial sounds with C, as well as rhyming sounds and uppercase/lowercase letter recognition. We have been able to count up to 5, and model and identify the number words! Though we will be continuing to move through our Go Math! chapters, we will continue to practice these skills as a class! I cannot wait to see what the next SuperKids brings for us!

Now, my Fabulous First class has blown the roof off of GoMath! We have been able to increase our skills for addition 0-10. We have demonstrated various ways to add, and learned that addinged order of addends does not affect the sum! They are becoming quite skilled, that I feel we will be able to master this part of the chapter! We have been introduced to new Memory Words from SuperKids! These Memory Words will continue to help our students increase their oral fluency! We have been able to identify short vowel words, and will continue to practice reading our CVC words!

Super Second Graders are killing it in GoMath! and SuperKids! In math, we are able to look at a two digit number, identify the place value, and write it in expanded form! This is super impressive! Second grade has received their first set of spelling words, and will continue to practice their Sight Words! We are able to identify long and short vowel words, and even know that “when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking”. We will continue to practice our writing skills in narratives and opinion writing! I cannot wait to show off our hard work in this area!

As ALWAYS, I am beyond grateful for my students. We have a Daily Mindfulness Mood Check In daily, and your students are my motivation to find innovative, easy and healthy ways to stay engaged! I am appreciative and proud of Academy Adventures Midtown!

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Mrs. Campbell's Class

Hello to all of the wonderful 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade families! I am so excited to be teaching your child this year! I am simply delighted (but not surprised) by the progress I am seeing in our class so far this year. The kindness and warmth the students show each other melts my heart. It reminds me constantly that academics is not the only thing we are learning; we are also learning social and emotional lessons, that hopefully stay with us for a lifetime.

The terrific third graders have been reviewing and learning about various spellings-to-sounds such as short and long vowel sounds, vowel pairs, and -r controlled vowels. There are so many rules and exceptions to learn but they are well on their way! We have also been reading versions of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We will finish Unit 1 by reading The Open Road. After completing Unit 1, we will move into how animals are classified. We will use our knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to improve our reading ability and understanding of English. In GoMath, we started the year learning many different ways to add and subtract within 1,000. Our next chapter will focus on how to read and use data to solve math problems.

In CKLA, the fantastic fourth graders began learning about personal narratives and how to write their own short story about an event in their lives. We are learning more about understanding the meaning of stories and why the author chose to share this glimpse of themselves with us. We will move into learning about the daily lives of serfs, knights, lords, ladies, and kings and queens. The Middle Ages are a fascinating topic for many! In GoMath, we learned about place value, and addition and subtraction to one million. All that hard work will help when we start working with multiplying 1-digit numbers.

The fabulous fifth graders also began the school year learning about personal narratives, and they wrote about an event that has had some kind of an impact on them. We are learning how to look beyond what the words say and find the meaning that the author intended us to find. When we finish our first unit, we will begin looking at the interesting lives of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca of Early American Civilizations. In GoMath, we learned about place value, multiplication, expressions, and exponents. In chapter 2, we will begin working with division.

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National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs

Academy Adventures Midtown is continuing to serve Free Breakfast and Lunch to ALL students as part of the Community Eligibility Program through the National School Lunch Program. All students are eligible to eat for free!

Students who are on campus for the Distance Learning with Support Services will receive their meals at school. If you would like to pick up meals for your child who is doing Distance Learning from home, please contact the school by 2:15 PM every Friday to let us know how many meals you would like to pick up and on what day you will be picking them up. Snacks will be included!

There is no cost, please don't hesitate to take advantage of this program!

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Healthy Snacks!

We are continuing to get snacks from the wonderful volunteer bakers at Cakes for Causes! So far they have donated several dozen cookies, muffins and bars! Snacks will be included with your breakfast and lunch, if you choose to take advantage of the National School Lunch Program!

Please take a minute to check out the Cakes for Causes website at:

Thank you Cakes for Causes for your support and providing our students with healthy snacks!

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Join us on September 11, 2020, for our first ever Zoom Family Movie Night! We will be showing the 2020 Live Action Mulan (PG13) starting at 6:30 AM. The Zoom Link is in Class Dojo! We hope you can join us!


As a reminder, school begins at 9:00 AM on Wednesdays.


Join us every Tuesday Night at 6:00 PM for a fun family ART Class! It usually lasts close to an hour and each week we learn how to draw something new! It is a lot of fun! You don't want to miss out!

If supplies are needed, we will let you know ahead of time. Usually just a pencil and paper will do. We do have supply packs with paper and crayons if you want to stop by the school to pick one up!


Join us every Thursday night at 6:00 PM for a fun family STEAM/STEM activity! Class is usually about an hour and each week is a different activity. If supplies will be needed, we will let you know ahead of time and you will have the option of picking them up at the school. It is a great family event!
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District Notice of Discrimination

Academy Adventures Midtown does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to all programs. The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Patricia Campbell, 520-777-3757 or email at: