School Related Communication and Twitter!

Salem School District is using Twitter to Communicate:

Salem Schools‏@SalemSchoolDist

We're all proud of Haigh School nurse, Mrs. Hayes, for her quick reaction and response to a medical emergency that resulted in a life saved!

Salem Schools‏@SalemSchoolDist

Information about summer school programs will be available in two weeks. We hope to provide exciting learning opportunities for all grades.

Use Twitter to Communicate:


Sports Scores

Cancelations and Delays

Updates from Principals

Keep the Community Informed

Benefits of Social Media

Enhanced Instruction through blogs and media embeded into presentations/portfolios.

Tweet to convey information to a large group of people. Short messages ....Save time!

Research.....find organizations or hashtags to follow!

Current Events.....tweets are sometimes the most up to date news!

Tweet about SHS #sau57 or #SHS

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks to using twitter at school? Digital Citizenship needs to be embeded into the curriculum. All district use should be governed by an Acceptable Use Policy and a Social Media Policy.

How can this technology be utilized by staff? For professional development!! By creating PLN, Personal Learning Networks and also using edchats to share information and teaching strategies. Some chats are even scheduled at specific times each week!