Juice diet

By josh Geiger

What is it?

It's also known as a juice fast. It is a diet in which one only consumes fruit and vegetable juices to intake their required nutrition without eating other foods. This can be used for a few days or even as long as numerous weeks. The diet has the goal to reduce weight by receiving necessary nutrition by not consuming foods that will increase weight and fat.
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History of the diet

With recent explosions about fructose syrup in fruit juices, people wanted a more healthy and beneficial juice. It began with celebrities in Hollywood picking fresh fruit and making juices them selves and became a well know fad diet. It was just a small group of people who wanted a change in their fruit intake and since they were celebrities it became a popular thing. There are now juice bars and many juice options in restaurants as a meal replacement. Jason Vale is one of the most well known people affiliated with the diet and really made it out to what it is today.

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Why do the Juice diet?

The juice diet was created in order to provide a meal replacement option that still offers the nutritional value your body craves. It became such a popular diet because it threw out the artificial sweeteners and fructose syrup and uses all natural sugar from the fruit and possibly the vegetables. It is a healthy way to get the nutrients you need with out gaining the fat you would from other foods.

Who is this diet for?

This diet fits anyone willing to replace meals with the fruit juice. It will cost a little more at the grocery store to get all the necessary fruits and vegetables but it provides a beneficial meal replacement supplement for those looking to lose weight. Critics worry about the low sodium intake due to the little sodium provided by the fruits and vegetables.

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