AMND Act 3, Scene 2, Line 305-344

By- Willow Hart, Halle DP , Carter Robinson, Juan Diaz

Scene Summary

Hermia is unhappy with Helena because she believes that she stole Lysander from her but Helena is trying to convince Hermia that she also doesn't know what is going on. Lysander and Demetrius are fighting over Helena but now they despise Hermia. Hermia is confused as to why Lysander is not in love with her anymore. Both Lysander and Demetrius are trying to convince Helena that they will love her, but Hermia, yet again, seems dumbfounded.

Important Quote

"A foolish heart I leave here behind. What, with Lysander? With Demetrius."

"A foolish heart I'm leaving behind. Lysander? Demetrius."

It is important, because it shows that Helena is trying to get through to Hermia by leaving peacefully but saying she is leaving Demetrius.


Demetrius, a man in love with Hermia,

has an arranged marriage with her, arranged by Hermia's father. He finds that Hermia has no love for him, however, Helena does. This causes chaos because Demetrius chases for Hermia, while also fighting off Helena. He is a very committed person which adds to his desire to win over the girls, and compete with Lysander.


He contributes to the whole incident of the story on how he is given a love potion and he now loves Helena instead of Hermia. Although he used to love Hermia, he now likes Helena because of the potion. He believes that he has always loved Helena but Hermia claims to love him and that he loved her. His stubbornness caused him not to realize that he used to love Hermia even though he has been given a potion. Throughout the whole scene he is defending Helena and not appreciating Hermia.


Hermia as angry with Helena, because she blames Helena for making Lysander love her. Her anger has blinded her and has caused her to no longer listen to reason. Out of this anger she attacks and it rude to Helena. In turn this causes her to be left behind and on her own. She is important because she is the antagonist in this scene and is the major creator of conflict. Her conflict is with Helena when she believes Helena has stolen Lysanders Heart from him. Some of what happens in this conflict is that Helena and Hermia's friendship is broken and in pieces.


Helena is naive. Her making the mistake of following Demetrius into the woods because of her love for him creates one of the biggest conflicts in the plot. She is just so confused and inexperienced and in love with Demetrius that she keeps messing up. She is also very fearful. She begs Hermia to let her go, because she is afraid that she will hurt her.