Cougar Canyon Library

What's New in the Library

June 2013

I can't believe it is already June. Time to start wrapping up the year and thinking about summer holidays. June is such a busy time of year, so I'll keep this newsletter short and sweet with some reminders about upcoming dates in the library and ideas for encouraging summer reading. We are in the home stretch now - bring on the sunshine!

Book return and other stuff

It is time to start returning any library materials that you may have in the library. I will be doing an inventory later this month and I would appreciate your help in getting all the library materials returned so that I can have them shelved before inventory begins. Check out the dates below for more information:

  1. Week of June 3 - 7th - last week to check out books
  2. June 12th - overdue notices sent home
  3. June 14th - all books returned to the library for inventory
  4. June 19 - 21st - Inventory in the library

Library preps will continue as usual for June (even during inventory days), but I may ask a few people to adjust their time so that I have continuous chunks of time to scan the materials.

Thanks for your support!

Collaboration Time

The collaboration time has been well used this year, and unfortunately there are no more times available for this school year. We have some times booked for the beginning of the month and then we will be wrapping up and getting ready for next year.