Robot Design Executive Summary


Robot Design Executive Summary

Robot Parts

We made a big plow to be able to push objects so we can move the truck and the ambulance, a large arm that gives the robot long reach, a forklift to pick up objects with loops, and a small plow to move smaller objects. Are robot has tracks to that gives it better traction. It is very sturdy so it is easy to maneuver. There are 3 parts of the robot that we remove and put back on. We use the Lego mind storm language for programming. There are 6 to 7 programs that we have. All of them equal 1,593 kilobytes.

Design Details

Our strategy is to go for the airplane first then go in the order that we made. The programs has gotten better because we have had a lot of mistakes and fixed them, but we have gotten through it. We made many designs, but we finely got our current design. We used tracks and team spirit to execute the mission. We found missions we could do and figured out how we could do them. We thought of a design and we put it into thought. Everyone contributed parts of the design. We used designs from older BWMS teams that have competed in FLL competitions. Our code is documented on a flash drive. This is a story how we thought of all this. First Skylar was in a bra and wig and he walked around all day during the 2013 competition.For the 2014,competition Skylar wore a wig with zombie make-up. Skylar will be dressing in a whole new way..... like you have never seen before. last year our team lacked team effort to join together to conquer our goals.

The time the event will start and end

Saturday, Feb. 15th, 6pm

Lexington, SC, United States

Lexington, SC

This is were the competition will be

Some of the parts we used

4 arms

3 motors

Runs on tracks

It has armor on the side



4 arms

3 motors

Has tracks

The Product

-Folds on itself to form a wristband for easy portability.

-Could help in locations where water is prevalent, but unsanitary.

-Makes drinkable water from any source except for salt water.

-Uses ceramic, sand, and activated choral for filtration, see depiction below:

-Possible applications include


-Developing Countries

-Natural Disasters