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Introduction to science 6

Introduction to science 6

In this unit introduction to science 6, we learned about many different things. We learned about microscopes, what we use them for, and how to use them. We had 3 different labs under the microscope, we had the salt lab where we observed salt under the microscope. We got to observe the salt from a closer different point of view. Another lab was when we observed a glass slide with a letter e on it then, we had to sketch how we saw the letter e on a piece of paper. For the third and final lab under the microscope we observed 4 different samples of sand, 1 of the samples was Mr.shafers sand. The other three samples were from Vietnam, corona Del Mar, and Maui. We observed the three samples and had to figure out which one looked the most alike to Mr. Shafers and that's where Mr.Shafer went. When my partner and I observed the sand we thought that Mr, Shafer had gone to corona Del Mar, but we later realized after comparing our answers with our peers that we were wrong and he had been to Vietnam. In this unit we also learnt how to use a triple beam balance. We learnt that we had to balance the ones, tens, and hundreds so that they lined up perfectly with the triple beam balance line. We also learnt how to measure objects using a metric ruler. Our class learned the meaning of qualitative and quantitative observations. A quantitative observation is one that involves numbers and a qualitative observation is one that does not involve numbers. We experienced a lab called the quantitative and qualitative lab where we make quantitative and qualitative observations on different objectives. Clearly we have learned a lot in this introduction to science six unit.

Allyza Lugassy

I'm a 6th grade student at pioneer middle school. I play competitive soccer and I also play volleyball for fun. In my free time I enjoy trying out the snap chat filters with my dad and going out with my family on sunday's. My favorite series of books is Harry Potter. I also love to go wild and just be my crazy self.
Overall in this introduction to science 6, my favorite lab was Mr. Shafers sand lab. This lab was my favorite because it was a mystery and very exciting. This is also my favorite lab because I learned the most from this lab.
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