My Mont Rushmore

Worlds are Reveled

About Mount Rushmore

If you have never heard of Mount Rushmore here are some facts. It has the faces of four former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.It was desighned by Guisom Boorglum. The memorial is located near Keystone South Dakota and was finished in 1941. If I had my own Mount Rushmore I would put Michelle, Sandy,Brent,Kerry.

My first person

The first person I would put on my Mount Rushmore would be my mom Michelle. The first reason is she taught me how to be respectful and she told me to be nice and none selfish to others. She works five days a week to keep us fed.

My next person

​ Now is my favorite person of all Kerry Peterson. She taught science last year and that's how I found out that was my favorite subject. She sent me emails when I was sick. She knew if I was feeling down. That's why I would put her my Mount Rushmore .

My daddy

Now is my loving ,super star daddy , Brent. He supports me in swim team . He goes to my meets. My dad makes sure I do well in school. Helps me with my homework.