Think before you type!

Proper internet usage.

  • Parents maintain busy schedules and can not watch everything that their child does while online. Parental control online is the best way to go. All you have to do is buy an inexpensive software that allows you to control what website your child can go on.
  • Spyware is another way to control what your kids do and who your kids talk to. With spyware you can track their calls and messages aswell as their history on the internet.
  • Every computer should have some type of virus protection. Without it your computer is in danger of getting any virus.

proper e-mail etiquette.

  • Forward and chain e-mails are emails that are asked to be sent to other people.
  • Junk mail is unsolicited advertising sent to you by e-mail.
  • Sending proper form/ grammar for an e-mail means you don't use incorrect grammar or punctuation.

Instant Messaging.

  • Flaming is when you send some one a message in all caps, flaming is unprofessional.
  • Terminology is the words you use and the way that you use them.
  • You should follow the unwritten rule of the IM society. Which means you message back fast,do not use acronyms, don't be sarcastic or rude, etc.


  • Myspace and Facebook are social media sites where you can associate with friends and family. You can use these correctly by watching what you say or do when you are on these sites.
  • How to prevent cyberbullying is to try not to be involved with anyone who participates in it. If you are the target just block that person and go on with your day.

Illegal music/ movie download.

  • Copyright laws are laws that prevent you from stealing another persons music or movie without permission.
- To protect your work you need to get a copyright put on it.

  • If you are caught copyrighting you could possibly go to jail and/or have to pay civil damages.
  • One reason why you shouldn't illegally download music is because you are stealing. And it is unfair to the people who worked hard to make the music/ movie.
  • Legal ways to get movies/music is to purchase it on Itunes or at a store.