Presidental Job Listing

A Rewarding Career With Full Benefits

Job Prerequisites

  1. Be a resident of the United States Of America for atleast fourteen years
  2. Be atleast thirty-five years old
  3. Be a natural born citizen of the United States Of America

job Benefits

  1. Full healthcare benefits with fully endured zero premium health benefits
  2. Private Full All Expenses Paid Travel via Both Modified Boeing 747-200 Aircraft and Armoured Limosouine.
  3. All-Expenses paid free housing, with full service
  4. All powers granted by the constitution to the executive, including the power of executive veto and amnesty
  5. Qualifications which entitle one to be the head of state and
  6. Salary 400,000$ annually.

Executive Powers Granted By The Constitution

  • Appoint cabinet level department heads to manage the various cabinet departments and their administrative functions
  • Ensure laws enacted are carried out and executed in their full intent.
  • Be the commander in chief of the United States armed forces.

Legislative Powers Granted By The Constitution

  • Call both sides of congress into a special joint session.
  • Deliver the annual state of the Union address

Judicial Powers Granted By The Constitution

  • The ability to pardon any convicted criminal, absolving them of their sentence
  • Appointing federal judges from low level civil courts

Diplomatic Powers Granted By The Constitution

  • The ability to appoint ambassadors
  • Being the Official head of state for the United States of America.
  • Hosting diplomatic functions and receiving ambassadors.

The Most Important Executive Power

Overall in my opinion, the most important executive power granted to the president of the United States of America, is the ability to interpret and carry out laws passed by the legislative branch. This power forms the basis for executive orders, as the president can in theory override the malformed intent of laws passed by congress.

Five Leadership Qualities Necessary For Job

  1. The ability to comprehend and understand the challenges which the general public has to endure.
  2. Has the ability to speak publicly with confidence and a well defined persona
  3. The ability to compromise against the general odds and pundits.
  4. The courage to push your agenda against all opposition.
  5. Being open and free to understand and accept new ideas.

Roles Of The President

Chief Of State

The role involves the president persiding over the traditional Ceremonial functions reserved for a states figurehead or central figure. This role was generally allocated torwards the monarch in more traditional states. Example. President George W. Bush being brought as a full representative of the US before the general council of nations.

Chief Executive

The chief executive role entails the president being the leader of all cabinet department administrative and adjunctive roles. The role entails the president being allowed to both appoint the heads of such departments as well as being the defacto head by territory status. Example. President Barrack Obama appointing head of the DOD

Commander In Chief

The Commander In Chief is a special role, as it entails a civilian acting as a reserved role for the United States armed forces. This role entails both the ability to both strategically lead the armed forces as well as the ability to deploy troops with permission and consent of congress. Example. During the the 2003 invasion of Iraq George W. Bush invoked his executive ability to deploy troops

Chief Diplomat

The chief diplomat role allows the president to direct United States foreign policy and have direct diplomatic status as an agent of the United States. This role also entails the president having a conducive relationship with the department of state in relation to foreign affairs. Example. President Obama meeting other intranational leaders at the G20 conference

Chief Legislator

Being the chief legislator is a role which practically entitles the president to influence congress both directly and indirectly on how laws are passed. This role also allows the president the both sign and veto laws which pass both branches of congress. Example. President both signed and promoted the Affordable Care Act.

Economic Planner

This role allows the president the both plan and promote policies which strive to improve economic conditions. This role often involves promoting legislation as well as colluding with independent institutions such as the federal reserve to promote the general welfare. Example. President Barrack Obama, worked with the federal reserve bank to lower interest rates.

Political Party Leader

As the political party leader, the president often serves as the defacto leader of his or her political party. This role although indepdant from the general party executive, is in some respects more substantial. Example President Barrack Obama influenced the Democratic Party policy through his efforts to shape certain policies such as healthcare

The Most Important Issue

Overall I would regard the most important issue facing the current president of the United States is both the further degrading income innequality as well as ecosystem collapse. Income innequality is important as is has resounding effects to all levels of society. Income innequality not only contributes to large scale desparity, but also increases the likelihood of popular revolt. The second important issue which we are currently facing is large scale ecosystem collapse. The possibility of general collapse is not only catastrophic, but could force society into a full survival practicality. These two issues are not only massively important, but are essential to our ability to thrive as a species.
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