Cloud Computing

Ainsley Clark

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What is it?

Cloud computing is computing that uses large servers to connect lost cost PC technologies. The cloud links all the computers through the server so that data sharing is available to all computers. Businesses use this kind of computing to utilize what they have so the company can reach full potential.


The cloud is very useful for purchasing, downloading, storing, and updating softwarel. Similar to the icloud from Apple, the cloud stores software put on the device until it is removed and the system can be updated fairly easily.

Pros and Cons


  • Helps to focus more on business than managing data centers
  • Develop new apps faster
  • Quickly build out infrastructure to support apps
  • Automate many operational tasks
  • Financially makes since
  • Allows global presence expansion


  • Performance can be inconsistent on data sharing
  • Believed to be not secure
  • Possibly not compatible for all work loads
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