Hair extension types and colors

Hair extension types and colors available

Hair extension types and colors available online

Welcome to running hair extension courses and providers of one of the finest human him and her extensions, this introductory article we will provide you the basic technique and knowledge on hair qualities, preparing for and applying fusion micro link techniques, coloring and styling tips and caring amendments. As one of the fastest growing hair extension companies in the world we will call it as a complete satisfaction of our clients, to accomplish this goal we have the supporters for you that is our technical team who are compounded of the talented experts and stylists. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your dedication to professional installation. We have been founded with over fifteen years of experience in the hair extension industry, our founders have despised in the local community enabling us to select one of the finest hairs from the temple insolence, we only use 100 percent fuming hairs where above cuticles are intact and run in the same direction. Aliened cuticles to the portion of the hair extension and keep them away from tangling.

We offer four types of hair extensions keratin tips, eye tips, wax and bold. Keratin and eye tips contain 1.8 gm. of hair and backed with 100 percent Italian power and the other extensions have one hundred gm. to 2 ½ gm. These hair extensions are always free from harmful chemicals and silicon. We are the only brand offering four extensions in seven different styles offer over 40 different colors and sold 100 percent pure hair.