Accessibility in Distance Learning

OTAP and RSOI "Where Do We Begin?"


  • Loaned out already

  • Home Checkout-general tech and AT devices

  • Shipping to families or ship to specialist and they deliver?

  • What does Equipment support look like?

  • Management and sterilization

  • Multiple learning devices across the district

  • Regional Programs loaning equipment to kids.-interface between districts and Regional programs.

  • Tracking equipment loans-AT and OI equipment.

  • Families are not able to use equipment because of space and activities,

  • fitting and adjustment of equipment-making sure that it’s not inappropriate for kids.

  • Northwest Regional is putting together guidance about equipment needs in the home environment.

  • Cleaning and sanitizing and safe transport and fragility of the equipment - accountability. things that need frequent repair.

  • Use SETT To determine the need for equipment in the home!