Whats a defense attorneys job like?

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What is an attorneys job like Q&A

Q: How hard is it to find a case to work on?

A: Because being a defense attorney is a very unpopular job it is normally very easy for someone to find a case.

Q: How much does a defense attorney make?

A: On average a lawyer will make 78,500 however, it can vary anywhere from 45,000 to 130,000 a year.

Q:How many years of school after high school does it take to become an attorney?

A:It takes about 7 years in all because you need 2 and a half to 5 years to get a bachelors degree then 3 years for law school itself.

Q:How many hours does a defense attorney work?

A:It is entirely up to how many cases they currently have and their choice when to work or not.

Questions only an interview could answer

Q:What is it like to defend someone you know is guilty?

A:"What happens if I do my best but the demon walks free because the prosecutor is lazy, unprepared or sloppy? All I can do is my best and not worry about it. The blame for turning loose of a guilty or dangerous person resides with the person who didn't do their best, not me"(smith)

Q:What are the kind of people you least like to defend?

A:Liars. I do not mind a client who says, "yes sir, I stabbed that guy". I despise a guy who says "See here, it's like this. This guy walked around the corner and ran into my knife...forty-seven times...backwards. That's the honesttogod truth! For real"(Smith).