Room 126A

Weekly Update #2

What We've Been Up To

In September, we spend a great deal of time getting to know each other and our routines. Other than Ms Lim and myself, your children have 6 other teachers and a lunchroom supervisor who they see regularly. It is important for us to work together throughout this time to ensure that students know what is expected of them to have a successful year at school.

We are also working on building a community of students who will be able to work with and learn from each other. This is a time for Ms Lim and I to get to know each students' abilities and interests. Once we have a clear picture of our class, we can design learning opportunities that meet the individual needs of our class.

Weekly Reminders


Scholastic order forms went home last week. If you are considering purchasing anything from this month's catalogs, please send in your order forms and a cheque payable to Scholastics Canada by the end of this week. I will endeavor to put in the order next weekend.

Scholastics Canada offers great opportunities for you to (a) build your child's library and love of reading, and (b) support learning to read in the classroom... Each order that you make allows us to purchase high-quality reading materials for the classroom. Thank you for supporting this program... and for supporting your own child's love of reading!

Weekly Walk

This past Wednesday we went on our first weekly walk. This is an opportunity for students to explore the natural and man-made world around us. Following these walks, students are asked to record their observations in their Walking Journals. This is accomplished by inviting small groups of students to work with Ms Lim and myself at their own writing ability; some students record their observations through drawings, while others use sentences and beginning writing skills to complete the task.

This week, we will return to the Hillside Garden and consider any changes that may be happening in there as the weather changes. We leave for our walk immediately after lunch (12:30) and return to the classroom by 1:30. If you are available to help supervise during the walk, please let me know via email.

Thank you to Finnley's mommy, Madeleine, for helping out on our first walk.


Thank you to Quinn's mom, Sarah, for volunteering to clean our picnic blankets this week. Parents have already signed up for the next two weeks, but please consider volunteering for a future weekend.

Please remember to return Poetry Folders on Monday. Library Books can stay at home until next Monday.