What is advertising?

Trying to get something noticed in the public.

Methods of Advertising in France;

The French try to pull at the heart strings rather than avoiding making a dent in your bank account. They're a lot less worried about nudity in their ads, and they are not afraid to make you cry, turn in disgust, and wheeze from laughter.

The French Think They're Funny, Right?

This Air-Wick ad was created for the laughs of France, I mean, who wouldn't laugh at that nose?

Sellers convince their customers to buy their products mostly by appealing to the senses or emotions. Brands like L'oreal appeal to sight, while brands like l'occitane aim to appeal to sight and smell, using bright colors to signify that there is a good scent involved with it.

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How Advertising Helps in Society and Life.

Advertising and Marketing helps improve the quality of life by letting us know what's out there. It shows the public things that they don't have, but that they want. Long story short, it aids the evolution of society, bringing the new in and getting rid of the old.

It influences society because all they want is what is NOW, nothing from the past. It impulses them to buy what is brand new because of the way the commercial made them feel about the product.

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English:French Side-by-Side

This is French Toast Crunch, quite delicious if you ask me.

Their target audience is cereal lovers globally.

The goal with this? To show that cereal has weird levitation powers, duh! (No, not really). It's to show off how great and tasty this hardcore cereal is, even in the French name there is a capital PAIN.

The only thing interesting about this ad is that the cereal looks like it is in mid-drop, with the milk and cereal flying out of the bowl, as if they were zombies hungry for your taste buds.

Ipad vs toilet paper (French funny ad)

French iPad v. Toilet Paper Ad.

The product showcased on the golden podium, an iPad!

The audience in the cross hair of this ad is anyone who knows someone who is always bragging about their new iPad.

The message being portrayed in this ad is that the paper age is not over, even though they can only find one good use for it by this point. An iPad can't do everything!

What makes this commercial interesting is the fact that it's funny how much the iPad can do, but the one thing it can't is the most simple, yet most necessary of them all.

A French Cat Looks for Love in America

Honestly, just because I thought it was funny.