Counseling Corner

Mrs. Mindy Breckner

September Student of the Month: Doniphan Trumbull School

Each month one student from each class is recognized for modeling safe, responsible, and respectful behaviors.

For the month of September the following students were recognized.

Kindergarten: Braxton Bartlett & Kasyn Hollister

First Grade: Will Berlie & Chaney Richter

Second Grade: Ava Gellatly & Bladen Rainforth

Third Grade: Jack Poppe & Camryn Engel

Fourth Grade: Morgan Habba & Addison Maciejewski

Fifth Grade: Stella Askey & Benjamin VanDiest

Sixth Grade: Bryan Serrano & Adelyn Fay

For the month of October the following student were recognized.

Kindergarten: Zaylie Meyer & Isaac Garcia

First Grade: Nadia Allen & Carter Hannon

Second Grade: Luke Powell & Paisley Henery Larkins

Third Grade: Emma Hoppe & Alexa Holder

Fourth Grade: Seth Schwarz & Olivia Kohmetscher

Fifth Grade: Olivia Hoppe & Emily Shimmin

Sixth Grade: Bryson Rader & Kaylee Powell



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Mrs. Rainforth-3rd Grade

Pumpkin Carving

High School students have volunteered to buddy up with elementary students for the school year! Mrs. Breckner and Mrs. Curlo worked together to make this happen! This brings us more together K-12 and provides students with positive role models from the other end of the building. This month they got together and carved and painted pumpkins! They had a great time and can't wait for the next activity.

Leadership Conference

Six DT students had the opportunity to learn and grow in their leadership skills this month in Kearney! They were empowered by Mr. DeMoine Adams and learned how to be positive role models for others around them. They were so excited and thrilled with the speaker they asked him to come to DT and speak! He will be joining us in November for an all school presentation and a community night.