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Community ISD uses Canvas as its Learning Management System. Canvas allows students to interact during classes, actively engage in assignments, take quizzes, collaborate with peers, communicate with teachers, and more.

How will students log into Canvas?

PK - Classroom iPads
  • PK-Students will not use Canvas, and SeesawSeesaw will be their Digital Learning platform.

K-2 Classroom Chromebooks

  • K-2 Students will use the Clever QR codes (teacher provided) to log into their classroom Chromebook.
  • Chromebooks will automatically open in the Canvas dashboard, where the Canvas Attendance course will be.
  • K-1 Students will use Canvas as a button-based resource hub, and Seesaw will be their Digital Learning platform.
  • 2nd Grade students will use Canvas in a simplified way. Students in this grade will be encouraged to start using email and password to access resources.

3-12 Grade - 1:1 Chromebook

  • Students will log into their Chromebooks with their school email and password.
  • Email is formed by the first three letters of the first name + the first three letters of the last name + month of birth
  • For example, Sara Jones was born in November. Her email is:
  • Canvas can be accessed by clicking on the Community ISD bookmarks folder or the Google waffle.
How to log into Canvas

Student resources

Canvas Overview - Chromebook
200 - Canvas Overview for Students

Student tutorial resources

The Canvas Guides online provide a lot of great examples and helpful documents about how to use Canvas as a student.

Watch the Video Tutorials for Students to know how to use Canvas


How do I set up a Canvas account for parents?

Parents should visit the Community ISD Canvas page below to create an account.

501 - Observer Account Registration and Student Pairing

Where do I get my child’s Pairing Code?

Have your child log in to their Canvas account and follow the steps listed in the link below to generate a pairing code for you.

Canvas resources for families

500 - Canvas Overview for Observers


502 - Canvas Parent App

Need help?

If your student has problems login into Canvas, you can contact Community ISD Tech Help Desk by emailing or by calling (972) 843-6401 during office hours.

Note: If you are using the Canvas Student app, please review the following Canvas Student Guides for additional support:

Updated 05/23