Ridgecrest Family Newsletter

October 20, 2021

Early Release Friday, October 22 at 1:06 pm for Elementary Conferences

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Principal's Message

I hope you and your family are well and settling in to the fall season. The fall always ushers in cold and flu season. Please remember, if your child is not feeling well--keep them home. Absences due to illness will be excused and your child can make up any work they miss. Just call the office at 253-841-8753 to report the absence. By doing this, you will help stop the spread of illness which will keep more of our Raiders healthy and well.

I am so very proud to report that our students have been doing a great job settling into learning and the rhythm of the school year. It is apparent that they are genuinely excited about being back in school.

We have also been noticing some common problems on the bus and at recess. We hope you will help us address these problems by talking to your student about them.

  • Inappropriate language -- Please be sure your students know that profanity will result in an office referral. Elementary aged students are like sponges. They soak up their environment. Remember to model appropriate language at home and limit access to media that contains profanity.
  • Hands-on behavior - This is more of a problem with our kindergarten and first grade students as they are learning appropriate play during recess. Please remind students that they will be referred to the Reflection Room or office if they engage in any hands on behavior. We want all of our Raiders to be safe and respectful.
  • Teasing, name-calling, and hurtful words - Students often think that they are being funny or are "roasting" another student, but we all know that teasing and name-calling is hurtful and can result in the student not wanting to come to school. Students engaging in this behavior will be referred to the office for discipline.

If you have any questions about our Student Rights and Responsibilities, please refer to our district's handbook. Taking time to review this with your child each year is important, as these expectations are enforced while students are at school and on the bus.

In service and support,

Dr. Michelle Fox

Ridgecrest Principal

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Make Up Smarter Balanced Assessments

All 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students will be taking a make-up of last year's spring Smarter Balanced Assessments. Today 6th graders took the Washington State Comprehensive Science Assessment and next Wednesday 4th -6th graders will take the English Language Arts assessment. They will wrap up the testing on Wednesday, November 3 with the Mathematics assessment. These assessments are shorter, multiple choice, and do not include any extended response questions. They will help us better understand what gaps students may have from last year so we can better address them. If you have any questions about the SBA testing, please contact our Building Assessment Coordinator, Mrs. Carrie Whatley, or email her at whatlecl@puyallup.k12.wa.us

WARNING: Squid Game not Recommended for Children Under the Age of 16

By now you probably have heard of Netflix's Squid Game series. If you have not, your child probably has. Common Sense Media is a good place to go to find out about the content of different TV shows and movies. Here is what they are saying about this series: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/tv-reviews/squid-game

Our recess supervisors did observe students trying to play the Red Light, Green Light game as it is depicted in the Netflix show at recess. They immediately stopped the game and told students they would not be allowed to play that game at school. I encourage you to do some research so you can make a good decision about whether or not you will allow your child to watch the show. Please check out the review on Common Sense Media.

Raiders of the Week for October 18-22

Spirit Week is Coming Next Week!

It's time for our students and staff to show their Raider Spirit! Next week is Spirit Week! The class with the most spirit wins the title of Spirit Week Champions and will possess the Raider Spirit Stick until the next challenge! Parents, help your child's classroom win! (Please see flyer for restrictions on costumes for Costume Day.)
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Support our PTA with the Winter Fundraiser!

Ridgecrest Winter Fundraiser

What is it?

Handmade Wreaths and Garland from Three Rivers Wreath and Plant Company


October 18 – November 5th 2021

How do I shop?

Everything is online just follow the directions on the page attached!

How do I get my wreath?

It will be shipped directly to you!

When will I get my order?

You pick your shipping week at the end of Nov to early Dec

Who can shop?

Everyone within the continental US so send out those links and help us reach our goal!

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Important Dates to Remember

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