Counseling Corner

North Park Elementary Guidance ~ Mrs. Heimann

October is here!

Hello North Park families! Fall always comes so quickly after the start of a new school year. I love this time of year so I welcome it! I feel like students and teachers are settling into routines of the day and there is a lot of learning going on! Your students are off to a great start with us at North Park!

Red Ribbon Week is coming VERY soon! . . . October 5th-9th!

We will celebrate Red Ribbon Week October 5th-9th this year.

Visit for more information and "Like" the Red Ribbon Campaign on Facebook!

Did You Know. . . Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations. ( It's never to early to start conversations about safe and healthy choices!

Red Ribbon Week Spirit Theme Dress Days

Monday – “Kick off Red Ribbon Week!”

~ Wear your favorite boots and western wear.

Tuesday– Our School “Rocks” Bully & Drug Free!

~Dress as a rock star.

Wednesday – “Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs!”

~ Wear your PJs.

Thursday – “Partner Up for the Fight Against Drugs”

~ Dress as a twin and stand together against drugs!

Friday – Spartans “Mustache” You Not to do Drugs!

~ Wear your Spartan Gear and be a proud Spartan in saying no to drugs!

MPS has new email addresses. . . . We're going Google

Feel free to contact me anytime at:

Upcoming News in Guidance

We will start our lessons over healthy and safe choices and will incorporate Red Ribbon Week activities during the first week of October. Topics in October will include saying no to drugs and yes to being healthy, being safe around others-knowing our address, phone number, parents' names, etc and body safety-knowing that our body belongs to us!

I will also be going on maternity leave sometime in the month of October. My sub will be visiting this week during class time! When I return, we will focus on the lesson topic of Decision Making at school, community and home.

If you are interested in your child participating in a small counseling group with possible topics such as grief/loss, increasing focus, friendship skills, self esteem and more please contact me or let your child's teacher know so that a permission form can be sent home.