Sammy Davis Jr.

He truly was "The Birth of the Blues".

How it all began.

Sammy Davis Junior was born on December 8th, 1925 in New York City. He was born to a Portuguese tap dancer mother, and a musically talented black father. His parents divorced around the age of 3, his father was then granted custody of Sammy. His father (Who was working as an entertainer in a dance troupe) soon began taking Sammy on the road with him and his adopted Uncle, Soon Sammy learned to tap and began preforming with his father and uncle. Therefore leading to the Will Mastin Trio, but this was only the beginning of his glorious career.

Sammy Davis Jr.'s Rise to Fame.

By the 1950's Sammy Davis became increasingly more popular and broke away from his family group to become something of a legend. In 1940 he joined the Army and served as a entertainer for other soldiers. He then returned to New York and stared in several different Broadway Plays, Some of which Include "Golden Boy." and "Mr. Wonderful" both of which were huge hits. It was also a struggle for Sammy not just because he was a performer, but also because he was a black man during the high of racism. He often turned down any gigs that had to do with a segregated place where blacks weren't aloud. This often made many people change or think about adjusting there policy's to get him to preform. He also marched at nearly all black rights parades outside of Washington.

The fall of Sammy.

In 1961 Sammy married a white Swedish actor, during their 8 year marriage they had 1 daughter and adopted 2 boys. They later had a divorce and again in 1970 he married a black dancer. Although Sammy began to lose popularity he produced one of the biggest hit songs "Candy Man.", but by the 1970's Sammy's popularity began to plummet a new type of music was taking over and Sammy was old news. Though he was never forgotten he preformed one last time in a movie called "Tap" a movie which he is greatly remembered for. One year after filming Sammy passed away from cancer, a result from his life long smoking. Sammy Davis Jr. died at age 64, on may 1990 in Beverly Hills California.
Sammy Davis Jr. - The Candy Man (1972)