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March 2021 Newsletter

Ka nui te mihi ki a koutou,

Student Led Individual Development Plans (IDPs) Years 9 - 13 24th March

Shifting through COVID Alert levels has meant that we haven't been able to execute our Athletoids Day of Parent/ Teacher Picnic, however, we will be continuing with our IDP Day.

IDPs have been put in place by Spotswood College to strengthen the partnership between students/school and parents/caregivers.

An IDP is a written plan which is part of the process of meeting students’ needs. It identifies:

  • What are the students learning needs
  • What the student needs to learn
  • What are the students' interests and goals
  • What people will do to improve achievement
  • What resources are needed

IDP’s are on Wednesday 24th March at the school from 7.30 am – 5.30 pm. They will be held in your child’s Learning Advisory classroom and should last approximately 20mins. The day has been set aside for Learning Advisors to meet with students and parents/caregivers in order to review any previous IDP goals set and develop new goals and next steps to achieve them. Appointments for the Student-Led IDP can be made through the event code is:

s3qrk (this code will go live on Monday 15th March)

As this meeting is highly valuable, no normal classes will run on this day however students and families are ALL required to attend an IDP meeting.

Senior Dux, Scholar and First in subject guidelines

DUX and Top Scholar Criteria

The top 80 credits earned by a student in the current academic year will be considered.

Of these 80 credits, 24 must come from practice externals.

Counted credits must come from the appropriate NCEA level or above. A Year 12 student can only have credits considered from Level 2 or Level 3. With no enhancement for studying above current year level.

In Year 11 or Year 12 all students with a GPA of 95% or above will be awarded Top


In the event of a tie for DUX then other qualifications may be considered such as University Papers and the final decision will rest with the principal.

Top in Subject

The individual departments will determine the criteria for Top in Subject for their subject area. Markbook calculations will be used to determine Top in Subject for each subject and year level. The markbook calculations must include a combination of internal assessment and practice external assessment results. If the subject has no practice external assessments then only internal assessment results will be used. Subject areas with only unit standards must establish a clear and transparent process for awarding Top in Subject. In the case of a tie in Top in Subject, the practice external marks will be given precedence. If the practice external marks are equal then the departments will use the higher of the “cut score”. If the cut scores are equal then all of the tied students will be awarded Top in Subject.

Top in Subject Departments

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Geography

  • History

  • Psychology

  • Drama

  • Economics

  • Accounting

  • Physical Education

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Horticulture

  • Physics

  • Science

  • Art

  • Art Top Folio

  • Design

  • Painting

  • Sculpture

  • Photography

  • Media Studies

  • Spanish

  • Japanese

  • French

  • Electronics

  • Metal

  • Wood

  • DVC

  • Food

  • Music

  • Te Reo Maori

  • Math and Statistics Level 3

  • Digital Technology

JCEA Top Scholar and Top in Subject Guidelines

Markbook Calculations

Our students complete their learning programs at Spotswood College as per the curriculum booklets for 2021. Within these programs will be a range of assessments that relate to the objectives of each of the courses offered throughout the year.

JCEA Top Scholar Criteria

In 2021, the Top Scholar award will come from three aspects of the learning program. Numeracy, Literacy and Steam assessments will be used to determine the award of Top Scholar. The GPA of each of the curriculum areas will be calculated and the Top Scholar will be the student with the highest aggregate GPA.

In the event of a tie for Top Scholar, the students with the equal scores will share the award of Top Scholar. Remaining students with an aggregate GPA of greater than 95% inclusive will receive Overall Excellence certificates.

Top in Subject (Numeracy, Literacy and Steam)

The GPA for Numeracy, Literacy and Steam will be calculated. The student with the highest GPA in the curriculum area will be awarded the Top in Subject. In the event of a tie, the Top in Subject will be decided by the Head of Department in consultation with the members of the department. The deciding factors for choosing the Top in Subject in the event of tie must have clear guidelines set out by the department. The Top in Subject Award can be shared.

All students in each curriculum area with a GPA of greater than 95% inclusive will be awarded Excellence certificates in the curriculum area.


If you know your child is going to be absent from school, please contact the school by using one of the following options.

Option 1: Telephone the school on 06 751 2416 and speak to the receptionist (Tracey) or Attendance Officer (Jenine).

Option 2: Send a text to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) on 021 023 93060

Option 3: send an email to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) -

Option 4: Leave a message on the Attendance hotline by calling the school on 06 751 2416 and press (1) to report a student absence. Record your child’s name, parents name, contact details and reason for absence.

If for any reason you are concerned about your child’s attendance, you can speak with the Attendance Officer (see contact details above) or she will pass you on to the DEAN or your child’s Learning Advisor.

Trophies / School Cups

Congratulations again to all recipients of awards last year. Please return any school trophies or cups received last year to the Main Office as soon as possible. Thank you.

Student ID Photos

Please note student ID photos will be held on 16th March 2021. Any student who has a photo taken will have an ID card issued, a cost of $8.00 will be placed on the student's account.

If a student is unable to get their photo taken on that day, they will be able to get one on the catch-up day, which is 18th May 2021.

A notice will go out for student's once the ID cards have arrived, these can then be paid for and collected from the Finance Office.

Any concerns, please phone the main school office on 751 2416.


A warm welcome to Lisa White, a new teacher who has joined the team and who will be working in Te Waka Manaaki.



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Deputy Principal

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Senior Leadership

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Year 13 Deans

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Year 12 Dean

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Year 11 Dean

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Year 10 Dean

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Year 9 Dean

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Junior Dean

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Senior Dean

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International Director

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What a great opportunity for any Year 13 female students passionate about Science and or Maths! Applications now open for the April intake of Schools to Skies. An amazing opportunity to experience all that RNZAF has to offer.

Learning the waiata that tells the history of Whaitata (the leaning space for Te Reo and Tikangā Māori)!
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From robotics and solar-powered engineering to environmental cleanups to bringing the arts to life to cooking organic school grown produce to some design thinking ingenuity - inquiry-based learning at Spotswood College!

Ag students amongst it all. - Authentic and engaging learning.


Our Mural/Street Art Class are looking for donations of any old paint to complete a project. Please drop any paint off at the school Main Office. Thank you for your help with this.
Swim funanza 2021!


Congratulations to Kahu Capper for being selected for the National Touch NZ Talent Identification Camp. A huge achievement for such a young man!
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School Uniform

As we are now heading into cooler weather, winter school uniform items can be purchased from our Uniform shop.


Reminder school finishes at 2.10 pm every Wednesday.


17th - Health and Safety Course

19th - 9.00 am Otago University visit - School Hall

19th - Student Learning Conferences

24th - Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

26th - Massey University Visit

31st - 4.00 pm Parent/Teacher Interviews

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