Life On a Reservstion

Allen, South Dakota


"Allen, South Dakota is the single poorest community in all of the United States, the per capita being just $1,539." They're able to make this little bit of money by selling dream catchers, kittens, elk antlers, and government commodities.. This being an amount barely enough for them to survive off of, leaving room for no extra's. I personally feel no child should go without a proper Christmas, so i have made it my goal to deliver to these children a Christmas they wont forget. I've accounted for every child in this community and my church and I have been able to gather gifts for every individual child. I personally have the luxury of flying up there for Christmas and delivering these gifts to the children myself and spend an entire week viewing first hand how they live and the environment in which they live in. If you have any questions or have a calling to help out the Indians in Allen callthis number (404-394-7499)