Insight Into Religion

Madi's Trip to California

Have you wanted to learn about different religions?

I always thought learning about different religions was interesting, so when my coworker, Madi, asked me if I wanted to interview her about a trip she took, it was an offer I couldn't refuse! In Summer, 2011, Madi took a seven week trip to California to learn about other religions. Madi visited religious places of worship, learned all about different religions, and more importantly, about herself and her religion.

Some of the questions I asked during our interview include:

  • When did religion become an important part of your life? Was it inherent, or did some event push you in that direction?

  • Which religion interests you the most, and why?

  • What is the overall life lesson that you wish to convey to others around you?

Want to listen to the interview?

If you would like to read the profile that I composed about Madi and listen to our interview, you can read my final project in my Digication E-Portfolio at .