Mill Creek Mustang Music

Rope! Saddle! Ride!

What's happenin', Mustangs?!

Interested in what your child is learning in Music at Mill Creek? From practicing keeping a steady beat to some bombastic bucket drumming, we are making some joyful noise every morning! Check out what's happening in your child's class by reading below!

Grade Level at a Glance

Kindergarten: Mrs. Foster's and Mrs. Aidnik's classes have been flexing their musical muscles by exploring locomotor and non-locomotor movement, mirroring movement to music, and creatively expressing through movement the structure of musical pieces. We are working on two different pieces to be performed at Kindergarten Graduation, and have been working on rhythm reading proficiency. To see some of the songs we have used, click HERE. We have also worked on the concepts of high and low sounds, musical notation, and dynamics of fast and slow.

First Grade: Mrs. Esch's and Mr. Soendker's First Graders have explored locomotor and non-locomotor movement, musical notation of do-mi-sol, and simple ostinatos using body percussion or unpitched percussion instruments. Check out an example of body percussion HERE. We have also worked on singing tunefully, and playing musical games that emphasize moving to the beat, such as "A Tisket, a Tasket."

Second Grade: Mrs. Gill's and Mr. Streich's Second Graders have been experiencing movement with music through social dance, as well as singing games like "I Have Lost the Closet Key." We have added the use of ostinato patterns with body percussion. We are also exploring the musical motif of mi-re-do, and learning music that emphasizes concepts learned in the classroom such as "Three is a Magic Number" and "Nouns." Click HERE for examples of these and other songs that teach academic concepts.

Third Grade: Ms. Evans' and Ms. Gholson's Third Graders have continued to explore the musical canon through spoken word and song. These are often accompanied by ostinato patterns using advanced body percussion and pitched mallet instruments (xylophones and metallophones). A great hit in the Third Grade was a playground song, "Pizza, Pizza," which has been popular in the United States for over 50 years. Click HERE to see this game played in year's past--then ask your child how it compares to today's version.

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Zeih's and Mrs. Jahnssen's Fourth Graders are advancing in their recorder instruction. Many children mastered their note names, rhythms, and advanced through the stages of RECORDER KARATE, earning belts for mastering works of increasing difficulty in our recorder pieces. Check out the news above for a link to a Fourth Grade class visiting their Third Grade friends, to give them a taste of what they will learn to do next year!

Fifth Grade: Mr. Mangels' and Mrs. Tovar's Fifth Graders have been perfecting their bucket drumming skills with the DARE Rondo, performed at this year's DARE graduation on Tuesday, May 9 (see above for link to a snippet of the performance). They also have participated in social dance set to folk tunes like the "Tailor and the Mouse," and have played singing/rhythm games such as "Obi Shi Noten Toten." Over half of all Fifth Graders at Mill Creek will be participating in music at the middle school level by joining Choir, Orchestra, and Band. Way to represent, Mustangs!

Fifth Grade Graduation

Wednesday, May 17th, 3pm

2601 North Liberty Street

Independence, MO

Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday, May 18th, 10am

1001 W Walnut St; Independence, Missouri 64050