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March 2022 Updates from our Talent Team

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Meet our Founding Team, 5 Very Important Points, Overview of the Educational Model, Career Opportunities, Founding Team Member Spotlights, Day in the Life of an LSC Teacher, Upcoming Tour Opportunity, Signing up for Talent Info Sessions, Organizational Updates Featuring our a few of our Academy Initiatives, Curriculum, School Partnerships, the 22-23 Calendar & Much More!
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Welcome to LSC Primary Academy!
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What Makes LSC Different?

LSC aims to create transformational opportunities for scholars across Sumter (SC) through a rigorous "whole scholar" approach. Our personalized learning academies will position us as a leader for educational equity in the country, and, in time, will harness their collective impact to meet the needs of thousands of historically underserved students in Sumter. Our model is innovative and unlike any other locally available. Key distinguishing features include a high-quality standards-based curriculum (Eureka & EL), longer school day & year, significant exposure to enrichment activities, two teachers in all classrooms with smaller classroom sizes, a comprehensive MTSS model to ensure the needs of all scholars are being met, extended day activities, and an innovative high school model with a set of learning PATHWAYS designed to link project-based learning and student connections to STEAM career pathways.
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What's it like to be a scholar at LSC?

At LSC, we are dreaming BIG because the stakes are HIGH...after all, our scholars will only get one shot at a K-12 education! The two images below illustrate a scholar's K-12 journey at LSC. Check out the key focus areas and expected student competencies for each grade level.
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Founding Parent Spotlight

Meet Shafara & Warren Douglas - Proud Parents of Pierce, a Founding 1st Grade Scholar

  1. What attracted you to LSC? We were attracted to Liberty because of the promise of a new and innovative learning environment. We were definitely excited about the incorporation of STEM and foreign language into the curriculum. We also felt that the principles of the school aligned my family's values as it relates to education.

  2. Why do you believe LSC is the best fit for your child? LSC nurtures the whole child, academically, emotionally and socially. Since attending Liberty, we have seen amazing growth in our child's confidence, and sense of pride in his school.

  3. What has your child enjoyed the most since attending LSC? While Pierce loves everything about Liberty, he definitely enjoys his teachers and Spanish class the most. He is so excited about learning a new language. As a parent, it is heartwarming to see your child excited about learning.

  4. What would you share with those looking to become involved with LSC by donating time or resources? We would encourage them to come experience the Liberty family, but also donate to a school that is shaping the minds of our future leaders.

LSC Scholars of the Week

What's it like to be a part of the LSC team and family?

LSC founders are believers and fighters committed to giving children – no matter their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or where they live – the tools needed to reach their full potential. To be "#LibertyStrong" means we are spending each and every day ensuring that, no matter what, our scholars are in an environment where they will develop good character, be challenged academically, and succeed on their road to and through college and career. LSC has committed itself to designing strong systems & structures that allow the best teachers to continually hone their craft. We invite you to join this dynamic movement!


Lead Teacher - Primary Academy

Teaching Fellow - Primary Academy

Lead Enrichment Teacher - Primary Academy

Lead Special Education Teacher - Primary Academy

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Founding Parent Spotlight

Let’s meet Megan and her kindergarten scholar, Jennings…

  1. What attracted you to LSC? I thought the teaching style would be exactly what Jennings would need to start kindergarten. The smaller class size and hands on learning are what he was used to, coming from preschool. He learned well when he was there and I wanted a place for him to continue in that same atmosphere.
  2. Why do you believe LSC is the best fit for your child? Jennings is part of a community & family at LSC. The adults know him y name and use his name when he arrives at school and departs each day. I want him to feel at home when he is not at home and LSC makes him feel this way, not just for my child, but for every child at LSC.
  3. What has your child enjoyed the most since attending LSC? He actually LOVES going to school. He mostly enjoys Spanish, gardening, and mixed Martial Arts, the things he would not necessarily have the opportunity to participate in if he was not at LSC.
  4. What would you share with those looking to become involved with LSC? Two and a half years ago, I was at the eSTEAM festival in downtown Sumter with my family when I heard Dr. Ivey talking about the idea of this school and I was compelled to find out more. Today, we are proud to be a part of LSC - a place where the teachers and staff are highly educated and their passion is evident in everything they do. I have seen my son grow in such a short amount of time. I would hope that all parents would want the same for their own child, and I would gladly recommend LSC to anyone who would ask about the opportunity to attend this school.

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LSC Uses Project-Based Curricula

Feb. 18 // Cultural Highlight
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Jan. 14 // Cultural Highlight
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Jan. 28 // Cultural Highlight
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Invitational Tour for Prospective Employees

Tuesday, March 15th, 6-7:30pm

15 School Street

Sumter, SC

Here is an opportunity for prospective employees to come and learn more about the story, mission, & model of LSC! Participants will be able to tour the school, hear from founding scholars, parents, teachers, and leaders. Text/call 803-316-7849 or email to RSVP.

LSC Offers Personalized Professional Learning for Teachers through Collaboration

To provide for greater personalized professional learning, our Teaching Fellows recently had the opportunity to shadow a teacher in Sumter School District across three schools. Here, TFs Cassie Castleberry, Josie Cox, & Keon Wilson are learning through collaborating in classrooms at Alice Drive Elementary. As part of our Career Pathways Program, Teaching Fellows are able to eventually step into a Lead Teacher position. Collaboration with our local public school district only makes us stronger!
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Proud to Partner with 6 Game-Changing Organizations

Founding Parent Spotlight

Meet Jenny Knopf, Proud Mother of Lane Knopf - a Founding 1st Grade Scholar

  1. What attracted you to LSC? We love how LSC addresses the whole child. Academics, community, social emotional learning, etc. are all part of the LSC model. These components are integrated throughout the day and make for real world experiences.

  2. Why do you believe LSC is the best fit for your child(ren)? We believe that LSC is the best fit for Lane because the learning environment is rigorous and engaging. Additionally, all scholars are taught to become better citizens and productive members of the community.

  3. What has your child(ren) enjoyed the most since attending LSC? Lane comes home daily with a new "favorite" part of school. She has especially enjoyed project-based learning and Spanish. She loves her teachers so much!

  4. What are you looking forward to the most about your child(ren) attending LSC? I am extremely excited to see how LSC continues to grow and make an impact not only on Lane, but our wonderful community. I know Lane will continue to grow as a leader, scholar, friend and beyond at LSC!

  5. What would you share with those looking to become involved with LSC by donating time or resources? Liberty is a unique place where scholars are challenged to be leaders in their school and beyond. LSC will make Sumter a stronger and better community in the years to come. By donating your time and/or resources, you can play a role in that positive change. As a parent, I thank you for your consideration in helping not only my child succeed, but so many others!

About Us

Liberty STEAM Charter, a world-class, college and career-focused public charter school that focuses on project-based & personalized learning through STEAM pathways currently serves 192 founding scholars in grades K-1, with plans to add 2nd grade in the 2022-23 school year. We are looking for fiercely passionate individuals to join our founding team of lead teachers at LSC's Primary Academy (Grades K-2) who are self-motivated and committed to a process of continual improvement. LSC has committed itself to designing the important systems and structures that will allow the best teachers to take their game to the next level. LSC invites you to join this dynamic movement.