Semi Annual Sale up to 65% off!

Chloe+Isabel by Amy Thompson

Chloe+Isabel: New Year, New AMAZING Sale!

Our Semi Annual sale only happens TWICE a year and the prices are even better than Black Friday! ALL styles are first come, first serve, and most WILL SELL OUT!!!

Prices start as low as $9!

Even our Grey Pearl Convertible Necklace is half off, at only $49! This is my ABSOLUTE favorite convertible piece we sell. Three Interchangeable pieces: Long and Short Necklaces, and a Bracelet with ENDLESSSSS convertibility. So great!!

*Sale ends Thursday , Jan 7th @ 11.59pm EST but DO NOT WAIT as pieces will sell out!!

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Why Chloe + Isabel? My story...

I am a doting wife, as well as Stay At Home mom to two wonderful boys. Our oldest is 5, he is active and happy but he struggles with autism and sensory perception disorder as well as a few major medical issues and our youngest is 2 and is mommy's "big" helper and has such a sweet personality and demeanor.

I had attended a friends online c+i pop-up party last spring and had SO MUCH STINKING FUN playing games and "learning" about jewelry and this company called Chloe+Isabel. I ended up ordering earrings (which are still my FAVE today!) and a headband, and was so absolutely impressed by the quality as well as customer service (when I returned different earrings I didn't prefer) that I immediately wondered how I could do this this too.

I wanted and needed something for me, ONLY for me, and jewelry could be just that! I have some background in Fine Jewelry sales and so this company was a perfect fit. Quality jewelry (with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE) for a fraction of the price of comparable "brand names". I love looking my best, and jewelry really helps ME feel better about myself, about what I wear and how I look. I've actually started styling my wardrobe and daily outfits AROUND what jewelry I want to wear that day!!!! Funny, but true!

This company empowers women to achieve goals, personal, professional, and everything in between and due to our oldest's disability and medical struggles, c+i has been a perfect fit allowing me to always be the ever available mommy, yet "work" when my schedule allows. And my hubs has even noticed a little extra pep in my step~~~ ;)

C+I has really been a blessing to me personally, as well as to my family!

So that's it....just a "little" about me!