Joseph Stalin

By: Daniel Storie, Kyran Jamison, and Dillon Rainbolt- 2nd


Joseph Stalin was a communist leader of the Soviet Union, or Russia. He was the leader from the mid 1920s until his death in 1953.

Detail: Cause

Stalin was born the "son of a humble, poverty-ridden peasant cobbler" and had a rough childhood because of his dysfunctional family. He participated in radical movements and spent a lot of time in jail. All of these things led to him being such a cruel and unjust leader. He rose to significance once he was a leader because he often competed with Hitler to see who had more power, and he used genocide to kill Russians.

Detail: Characteristics

-Was the ruthless leader of the Soviet Union

-His name Stalin means "Man of Steel"

-Had a city named after him, called Stalingrad

-Enacted a series of purges known as “Stalin’s Terror,” whereby millions of people were sent to forced labor, assassinated, or publicly executed, out of fear that they were enemies of the state

-34 to 49 million people died directly linked to Stalin

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Detail: Significance

Joseph Stalin impacted history by being one of the most powerful and murderous dictators of all time. He also impacted Russia greatly by turning the Soviet Union from a peasant society to being a industrial and military powerhouse. His regime caused death and suffering of tens of millions of people. Also a huge impact he left on the world was that he played a big role in defeating the nazis, which defeated nazism. His legacy will go down in history as being one of the most murderous dictators that ever lived.
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