The Newest Christmas Toy!

Created by: Michael and Morgan!

Toyriffic Toys

We have one of the best toys ever made! It will for sure put a smile on your child's face! Come to your local store to buy Mr. Space before he sells out. He is selling like crazy!

All About Mr. Spacey!

Spacey is a one of a kind toy that Toyriffic Toys only make. Its a space toy that instead of shooting out lasers, it shoots out presents. You stick the presents inside the toy. When he/she presses the star, out comes the present!
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This our small addition of Mr. Space.

He comes in the sizes of:




-Extra Larger


Small: $8.75

Medium: $12.45

Large: $16.99

X-tra Large: $20.76

You can find our toys in these local stores:

Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us!

Look at the newest and coolest celebrity working with our toy for his kid!
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