Joey Richardson

The Great Depression

Important Facts

- It lasted from 1929 - 1933

- A Quarter of Americans were unemployed

- The New Deal ended The Great Depression

- The Great Depression was also called The Roaring Twenties

- The Great Depression was one of the worst economic crisis of the modern era

Key Person

My Key Person is Franklin D Roosevelt . President Roosevelt was one of the most notable mn becuase he was the one that was able to get a law passed that should of ended The Great Depression . One of his famous quotes was " The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ". This means we shouldnt be afraid to try in anyhting because the we have nothing to fear . This explanantion shows how Franklin D Roosevelt was a key person in The Great Depression .

Event List

1929 - The Great Depression begins and the world goesinto complete silence .

1939 -The New Deal is introduced to the people and it could be the end of the Great Depression .

1939 - The Great Depression finally ends but not by the new deal but World War 2


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