active magnetic bearing


Tips To Get The Best Magnetic Bearing At The Best Rate

Are you planning to get magnetic bearing, along with the most lucrative features? If yes, then FG-AMB, the company based in Guangdong Province, can be the ultimate destination of yours. This company is well known for providing active solutions for mechanical equipment of the customers.


The Magnetic Bearing, introduced by the team of FG-AMB is widely appreciated in the market, for presenting energy efficient solutions. This company has also taken high care of the speed of the rotors, for the undivided advantages of the buyers. Team FG-AMB is found to be highly dedicated in the process of design and services.

Design Process and Services:

In order to come up with the best in class designs and services, FG-AMB experts have gone through the minute detailing. They have determined the design schemes, with utmost care. The actuators are designed, as per the required load capacity.Members of this organization have also concentrated on the rotors dynamic. Followed by that, the controller design is completed to ensure comprehensive functionality of the devices. Appropriate sensor is also added. The operating as well as monitoring software is also designed, in accordance to the requirements.

Finally FG-AMB is also found to be careful in terms of optional services, for the best usage experience of the consumers. This company is equally dedicated to offer unmatched after sales services, unlike others and you can be confident about the tried and tested magnetic bearings of FG-AMB.

Market Leader:

FG-AMB was established only in the month of August, 2012. This organization has secured a significant market position, on the basis of incredible products and services. So company are seen to have faith on the sound technologies and advanced Magnetic Bearings of this company. Know more about active magnetic bearing