Sasquatch in the Paint

By - Jithin Lucas

Plotline of "Sasquatch in the Paint"

A boy named Theo was growing at a huge rate. He just grew 6 inches this summer. He was tall, but being sporty was never one of the things on his checklist. He was a guy that would always participate in science fairs, and do all kinds of stuff like that. One day, coach wanted him to play on the team for the fact that he was literally almost taller by 6 inches than everyone on the court. The problem was that he had no skill level. I mean 0 skill level. After being put on the basketball team, all he was able to do was be called names like Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and other mean names. This really hurt him, but eventually he was able to get over it. He never really bothered being called those names, until he heard something that really hurt him. Racism was something that had always hurt him, and that was what had just happened in one of his games. He tried his best not to look at the crowd, but then he looked, and everything changed. The man that he was guarding scored the game winning shot, and the whole team was blaming everything on him. The coach started yelling at him after the game, and all of this was also hurting his academics. Since he was a science type of guy, he wanted to participate in a science competition called "Aca-lympics". After feeling like he was already pressured enough, he was accused for stealing in the locker room. Now he has to get something ready for the "Aca-lympics", practice to become really good in basketball, and also figure out who the real theft is! Will he be able to handle everything that gets shot at him?Read the book to find out how he can handle all of this!

The Life of Theo

Theo is a boy who was put on the basketball team for the wrong reason. Height was all he had. No skill at all. Putting him on the basketball team was ending up to being a good thing though. He was always a science type of guy, and he was never interested in basketball. Many kids would always want him to play on the same team as him, but then when they saw his skill, they wished they never asked him to play. Theo's life has been troubled ever since he started playing basketball, because he knew sports was never his thing. Later on, he gets accused of stealing, which made his problems worse. He is stuck with these many issues, and getting out of it may be an issue. That is all we have from Theo today!

Editorial - What Happened to Inspiration?

Theo was horrible at basketball from the beginning. He was never into basketball, and so he never focused on it. That point is very well understood. Whenever Theo would go to his games though, he would always be made fun of, being called names just for his height, and that really made him feel bad at the beginning, but eventually he was able to get over it. At one game, he let the other team score the game winning shot, and the coach was yelling at him. Where is the inspiration that coaches are supposed to give at that point? I mean, yes he did make his team lose, but the coaches were not just yelling at him. They were making him look like a fool in front of his team. This was definitely not how I thought coaches are supposed to act like.

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