Honesty- The Cost of a Dream

Kenzie Staber

In The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby started out as a soldier with everything to gain. Daisy, "the first 'nice' girl he had ever known" (Fitzgerald 148), became his dream and fixation. Because he loved her, but was broke, he had "taken her under false pretenses" (Fitzgerald 149). He even changed his name to follow his dream because "James Gatz- that was really, or at least legally, his name" (Fitzgerald 98). Daisy was fully his dream- being with her and protecting her. When it was revealed that Daisy was driving the car that killed Myrtle, Gatsby stated that "of course [he'd] say [he] was" (Fitzgerald 143).

Tom Buchanan

Tom's dream is to basically get whatever he wants. He enjoys power to a point where, when he and Myrtle were arguing, "Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand" (Fitzgerald 37). In order to have both his mistress, Myrtle, and his wife, he told Myrtle that Daisy was "a Catholic, and they don't believe in divorce" (Fitzgerald 33). This was an obvious lie. In order to keep Myrtle's husband clueless, he pretended to be interested in selling his car, claiming that he had his man "working on it now" (Fitzgerald 25). These blatant lies were what kept his control steady, and his dream alive.

In the Real World

Job Application

It is estimated that "40% of all résumés aren't altogether aboveboard" (DuBose). Women tend to lie about time between work "because they fear it will be difficult to reenter the workplace after starting a family" (DuBose). Other people lie about timelines because of several reasons, including: "hiding being fired, a period of job hopping or even an embarrassing prison stay" (DuBose). They lie about these things because they think it'll give them a better chance of getting hired.

Is it Worth the Cost?


Honesty is a virtue that is vital to our society. Without honesty, we cannot trust or depend on one another. Lies, secrets, and misdirection hurt the accuser as much as the victim. Dishonesty will transform you into a lonely, bitter person. Lies aren't worth that cost. Your dreams aren't worth pursuing if you have to lie and cheat your way toward your goal.

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