The Patriot Premier

The Weekly Update for NPHS families, Oct 7 - Oct 12, 2019

Recap: Ends and Beginnings

Hello Patriot Family!

Last week XC running, tennis, flag football, and tackle football ended, while wrestling began and hockey will start this month on the 16th. Wednesday, we had an interactive presentation to juniors and seniors in Oehring Auditorium by NP Police Officer Bellant, reminding student drivers to drive responsibly. Our girls' volleyball team swept WVHS Thursday night, and we recognized the seniors on the football team and cheer squad at Friday night's home game. This coming week will also be active. In addition to a full schedule of academia, Monday is the College and Career Fair at the Westmark for interested juniors and seniors and Tuesday is the Band & Orchestra Concert. "7 Steps To Help Your Child Manage School Stress" was an online article by Dr. Meredith Grossman who outlines 7 ideas that I felt applied to everyone, not just students. It's a quick read, click here if interested. Well... if it hasn't already landed by the time you read this, we will likely see snow before the week's out... so fasten your seatbelts!


John Fink, Interim Principal NPHS

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This Week: Oct 7 - Oct 12, 2019

Mon 7th: Per 1,2,3,L,4,5,6

•College and Career Fair @ Westmark

Tue 8th: Per 1,SSP,2,L,4,5

•Band & Orchestra Concert 6 pm Oehring Auditorium

Wed 9th: Per 2,SSP,3,L,5,6

•Regular School Day

Thu 10th: Per 1,SSP,3,L,4,6

•Volleyball vs LHS @ LHS 4/5/6 pm

Fri 11th: Per 1,2,3,L,4,5,6

•Swimming @ Bartlett Invite, Bartlett HS, Anchorage

Sat 12th:

•Swimming @ Bartlett Invite, Bartlett HS, Anchorage


Coming this month...

• Oct 2: Wrestling Begins

• Oct 8: Band/Orchestra Concert 6 pm

• Oct 14: Choir Concert 6 pm

• Oct 16: Hockey Begins

• Oct 18: Eng of Q1/Early Out

• Oct 23: Q1 Grades Due @ 2:45 pm

• Oct 21: Spirit Week with Dress-up Days

• Oct 25: Assembly

• Oct 26: October Bash @ Noon

• Oct 30: Patriot Poetry Recitation Contest @ 6 pm

• Oct 31 & Nov 1: PT Conferences, PSPTC scheduling Thursday (late-day), Arena in gym Friday