Ten Weeks Of Innovation

Ideas to incorporate each week for a marking period

Create your own class hashtag

You don't have to have a Twitter account to create a hashtag. It is a great way for students to easily gather information for your class. If you have them use your hashtag each time they tweet, it creates a list for fast and easy reference. If you use Storify, you can curate the tweets for them; if you use TweetBeam, you can make a display.
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Periscope a "minute in the life" video

Whether it be a student or a historical or literary figure, have students use Periscope to create a window into your class or into history!
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Creating a Meme

By using an app like Skitch, students can make Memes of historical figures, literary characters or even dogs who like biology! No matter your device, you can use this app!
Here is the 36-week this was adapted from if you want more ideas for what to do with your classes!