Horace Mann News and Notes


It's that time!

As the holiday approaches us thank you all for remembering we have many students/families who are not looking forward to the holiday due to financial or other reasons. Typically we have had students struggle more during this time right before and after the holiday so thank you for your empathy and compassion during this time.

Thank you to all the groups who have donated to families in need-please email me so I can share a list of all the good with all!

Thank you to Key Club for helping out so many organizations-starting with Thanksgiving and all the Christmas support!

Grading/Progress Reports

Just a reminder we are not mailing out progress reports to parents but asking them to view electronically. If you'd like to email your parents as another reminder-we thank you!

Course Description booklet

Thank you to those who have emailed me or shared a document-if you have not done so please do so before the break as I will share the document at that time.

I also have new courses from the business department and a team-taught course with business and English and a summer course from Science.

Thank you to Doug and Kurt for reviewing all of their courses and career pathways and for offering to teach a zero hour class in the future. If others are interested please let me know.


Thank you for continuing to gather your artifacts for your documentation log, keeping your communication log updated and for looking at your strategies for your SLO(mid year progress in January) and your survey (February 15).

We will continue to provide time during early releases but please come to me if you have any questions.


Our cafe is up and just about ready to be running!

We are planning a brief ribbon cutting, welcoming ceremony on the day of our Monday, December board meeting!


We hope to have the scheduling book out to you in January and students. We will keep you updated on timelines as far as counselors coming into the classrooms and sheets due.

Please feel free to start talking to students about their career pathways and choices for their future or to remind students if they do not pass a class they will be rescheduled for it(core classes) next year.


Forensics-Katie can you re-share dates for us

Math Meet-math dept please share dates

Academic Bowl March 15th(Monday)-Dan H, Brian J

ACT March 3rd-all juniors

Work keys March 4th-all juniors

For the ACT we will do as we've done for sophomores in the past with WKCE. On March 3rd and 4th in the morning-only our juniors will be here to take these two assessments and we will run a shortened schedule for others. I will share a tentative schedule with you after the holidays.


With the last


Our thoughts are with:

Mary Beth and Steve Pautz

Sam Flood-recovering from shoulder surgery

Sarah McDowell-recovering from foot surgery

Dixie Jarchow and family for their loss

Jill Lewinski and family

Beth Stroede and family for their loss

Damaris Milfred and family-son's surgery


Ramsey Weyenberg on her engagement!

Tiffany Torris on her engagement!

I hope I am not missing anything-I apologize If I have-please share with me.

School concerts

Thank you again to Anthony and Gerry for wonderful holiday concerts and for our private concert on the 23rd (we will run early release schedule).

thank you also for your holiday performances to our community!


I wanted to again thank each of you for all of your support this year. We continue to have full plates and I want you to know you are appreciated and you make a difference!

Our students are cared for and respected and supported and I know we will continue to look at strategies to help all of our students.

I hope each of you has a wonderful, relaxing and joyful Christmas and New Years and time off!