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Week of 9/14 & 9/21

School is now in full swing in 3M! I can not believe we already have been together for almost a month so far! It has been such a pleasure to get to know and work with your children every day. We have been working really hard in math, science, reading, and writing. Take a look at the pictures below for some highlights of your 3rd grader's past 2 weeks in room 208!

Important Dates

Important Dates

9/25: Welcome Back Movie Night, 7PM, All Purpose Room

10/5-10/9: Week of Respect

10/7: National Circus Project Assembly, 9 AM, All Grades

10/12: Salad Bar Lunch

10/13: Parent Visitation, 9 AM- 11 AM

10/14: Parent Visitation, 1 PM- 230 PM

10/15: Lizzy Eats At Zinburger Night, 4 PM-10 PM

10/16: Individual Picture Day- The date on the town calendar is incorrect.

10/22: Community Meeting, 145PM, APR

10/24: Fall Fair, 11 AM- 3 PM

Playing Shoe Salad as our Morning Meeting greeting

A fun (and smelly) way to greet our classmates in the morning :)
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Sharing during Morning Meeting to learn more about our classmates

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In science we have been going down to the science lab to observe our Brassica plants. Our plants are going through a growth spurt, and they are starting to develop buds. We also just started talking about bees and pollination. We had the opportunity to observe a dried honey bee with our hand lenses to see the different parts of a bee up close. We will continue our discussions and lessons with bees next week!

Our plants are growing!

Examining our bee and making bee sticks to pollinate our plants

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In math class we have been working on the following skills:

  • Finding the difference between two numbers using the number grid
  • Graphing- Bar graphs and line plots
  • Money
  • Telling time

We have been doing Math centers after our whole group mini lessons. This is a time where the students rotate between a variety of activities to help reinforce and practice the skill for the day. They have time on the iPad, time with the teacher in small groups, time to practice independently, and time working on an activity or game with a partner.

*Please continue to support your child with practice in counting money and telling time. Simply just asking them to tell you the time during various moments throughout the day (if you have an analog clock at home) would be great reinforcement and practice. Thank you! :)

Making a line plot based on our favorite ice cream flavors


  • Last week we worked on how to choose a just right book for our independent reading and all of the different genres of books that are available to us as readers.
  • This week we read "A Fine, Fine School" and discussed story structure and summarizing.
  • We started the Daily 5 where the students rotate to different centers in small groups to work on the skills and vocabulary for the week with a book on their instructional level. The centers include: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Meet with Teacher, Word Work, and Work on Writing.
  • In grammar, we worked on finding the subject and the predicate of a sentence.

Is our book a "Just Right" book?

We learned about the 5 finger rule, and deciding whether a book is too easy, just right, or too challenging. Then, after independently reading a book of our choice, we took a survey on a app called Plickers. Below are the results from our plickers survey and pictures from how the survey works. (I scan my phone to capture the QR code responses that the students hold up.)

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We reviewed our vocab and grammar topic for the week by playing a fun game called Kahoot on the iPads with our team! Mr. Bissinger even got in on the fun!

Learning about subjects and predicates... Making some silly sentences..

Writer's Workshop

In writing, we have been working on creating a strong small moment story. We learned that as narrative writers we must tell the story bit, by bit, by bit to create a mental movie in our reader's mind. We want our reader to be able to see, hear, and feel our story.

Visit from the Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Haddonfield came to visit our classroom. They gave every student a dictionary and showed our class how to use them. These dictionaries will come in handy when students pick their "self selected word" (SSW) to add to their spelling list for the week. Students will be required to pick their self selected work on Monday night as a part of their homework. They will pick a word that is 3rd grade appropriate and one they can use in their everyday writing. After deciding on a word, they will look it up and write the definition.

Garden visit! Thank you Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Wright!

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Have a wonderful weekend!