KP Friday Focus

December 5, 2015

School News

Weather Cautions and Parking

Public works is responsible for treating the driveway and Rocco contacts them right away. However, since we are not sure when they arrive, a cone will be placed near the stop sign signalling a slippery surface at 7am. This is also a signal to drive carefully into the area and use caution when walking in the parking lot.

School Improvement Survey

Please help the School Improvement Team plan for upcoming faculty meetings and CSI's by completing the following survey.

Professional Day Forms

If you are filling out a form please call AESOP as soon as possible! This provides us with the needed coverage. If a request is not approved, we'll cancel it.

Gem Award to:

  • Susan Martucci from the colleagues on the Emerald Team for organizing a team-wide campaign to raise money for Truly Brave.
  • Susan Martucci from colleague Marc Kotler for staying until after 5 with a student she just met in the hall as he waited for a ride.
  • Margarita Scobbo from colleague Marc Kotler for being a translator for a family.
  • Joy Wright from colleague Marc Kotler for quickly addressing parent/guardian concerns regarding math.
  • Cindy Kent from colleague Marc Kotler for her adaptability to adjust plans for the benefit of students.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kaplowitz from colleague Marc Kotler for teaching a student about the art of accepting an apology in a difficult situation.
  • Sarah Wexler, Kate Pearson, Josh Satlof and Sarah Burdick from colleague Marc Kotler for volunteering to supervise a 7th grade video activity.
  • Melissa Hawkins from colleague Marc Kotler for her personal candor in teaching life lessons to students.
  • Stacey Grindle from Susanne for leading the 6th grade art club in making the KP Holiday Card again this year. One is posted in the faculty lounge.
  • Sarah Chiounard and Danielle Drozd from admin colleagues for preparing and giving an informative presentation to parents about the new math changes.
  • Deanna Johnson, Megan Cassidy, Eina Rieger and Stacey Grindle from colleague Joy for providing art donations to support the DCF Holiday Party fundraiser.
  • Marisa Tamayo from colleague Joy for leading this year's adopt a family effort.

Upcoming Events

December 8th

  • 8th Grade Concert 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM --Auditorium

December 10th
  • Human Rights Day
  • Barnes and Noble Book Fair 6:00-8:30 Blue Black Square

December 11th
  • KP Homework Club 2:55-4:00pm
  • Final Book Discussion on It's Complicated: The Socially Networked Lives of Teens The book study is held in the Library at 7:00pm
  • The Hour of Code 3:00-4:00pm

December 15th
  • 7th Grade Concert 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM --Auditorium

December 18th
  • Unified Theater Performance --Smile! You're On Camera--at 3:30pm--Auditorium

December 19th
  • Unified Theater Performance --Smile! You're On Camera--at 7:00pm--Auditorium

A teacher blogs about how she uses Google Classroom to address students on vacation

The Hour of CODE is COMING! Help support this fun event done across the globe!

  • KP will participate in this global learning event : The Hour of Code . Please spread the word to ALL students to join in this FUN online event ! Thursday Dec 11th - 3-4

Computers are everywhere, but fewer schools teach computer science than 10 years ago. Good news is, we’re on our way to change this. If you heard about the Hour of Code last year, you might know it made history. In one week, 15 million students tried computer science!

Resources for talking about Race/Ferguson


The Power of a Coach

'E:60' - Catching Kayla

Using Google Class in a new way

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