The Triton Tribune - Parent Edition

Be Kind ~ Be Awesome ~ Make The Right Choices

Volume 2 ~ Issue 27~ February 22, 2021

Wonderful Triton Students and Parents,

"Protect your enthusiasm from the negativity of others." H. Jackson Brown Jr.

As we end February, I want to encourage you to continue to keep your enthusiasm up especially with progress reports being completed this week. Some of you may get discouraged that your grades are not where they should be; however, I want you to remember the power of YET. One of the ways in which you can continue to be enthusiastic instead of being down is knowing that the progress report is NOT the final grade YET. It is a checkpoint for you so that you can adjust what you need to do: to either maintain your grades if they are excellent or decide how to correct your path so that your grades starts to move in a positive direction. The most influential negative thought does not come from others; instead, it comes from deep within our minds where no one can hear or see it. This means that YOU and I have sole control of deciding how that thought will affect our enthusiasm in learning.

This also means you need to advocate for yourself, which means talking to the most influential person who can help you; that is your teachers. I know that for many of you talking to teachers outside of the class period seems hard to do but it is one of the most important skills that you need to learn so that you can get answers for success directly from them.

Finally, you will need to take advantage of every available academic support that ELM has to offer. If you need help in math, we have virtual math tutoring every day. If you need help in Science, we will offer virtual science tutoring starting March 1. We are also looking to start a virtual Spanish tutoring at the same time.

I know that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Please read the newsletter in its entirety as there are a lot of information regarding upcoming events.

Let's have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Finley

Progress Report is This Week

The first progress report of Semester 2 is here.

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Semester 1 Certificates and Shirt Pick Up Information

In case you were not able to attend last week's drive-through celebration, read the information below when you can pick them up. Also, click on the title bar to submit a picture if you attended the celebration.


Please send us your pictures from our academic celebration. Click on this LINK to submit one (1) picture. If you have already sent one to me, please do not send again. Thank you.

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Final Call for Yearbook Items and Yearbook Sales

Tritons we have one final push for our yearbook. Please see what areas you want to contribute to make this an awesome memoir of the 2020-2021 school year.

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Olympian High School Registration Information

Eighth grade parents, click on the title bar to access Olympian High School registration information.

2021 - 2021 Orientation and Registration Information

Enrollment and Registration for 2021-2022 is almost here. Below are pertinent information regarding enrollment and registration.

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Parents, registration for the 2021-2022 school year is just around the corner. These last two weeks, counselors have been presenting to current 7th graders (incoming 8th graders) regarding their 10-year plan, which includes their course selections for next year. If you have an incoming 7th grader who expected to attend ELM, the Virtual Future Triton Parent Orientation has been scheduled for February 24-25. Please read the flyer below for the date for your elementary school. Also, counselors have already scheduled time to speak to 6th graders in their schools through virtual means.

One the of the most important choices that students will make is their elective classes. At ELM, we offer several: ASB (separate application) Band, Choir, Ukelele, Orchestra, Strings, Filipino 3/4 (8th graders only), Spanish for Spanish Speakers, Spanish for Non-Native, Art, Computer Science, Student Aide (in-person and for 8th graders only). These will presented to students after which they will given a course selection form.

To recognize the different electives, please watch the video below.

If you have any questions, please contact your counselor.

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Electives Recruitment Video
Artist of the Week

This week, we celebrate Vicky Galindo Mendoza for her work on creating coloring pages for hospital patients. Congratulations Halo

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February Triton Trait: Enthusiasm

The Triton Trait for February is ENTHUSIASM. Let us never forget to live life with fervor!

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Spirit Week Video

Monday Spirit Activity

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Tuesday Spirit Activity

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Wednesday Spirit Activity

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Thursday Spirit Activity

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Friday Spirit Activity

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Purple Pride Announcement

This video is brought to you by ELM's Purple Pride Club. We want to promote awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQ community and ALL people. Please contact or if you'd like to know more about the club. Thanks for watching!

LGBTQ 8 homophobia
Parent Learning Series Information

Parents, below are upcoming learning workshops for you.

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Virtual Math Tutoring Available

Don't wait to ask for help in math. Start now. See the links and times below for Math Tutoring in both 7tth and 8th grades. As soon as we secure teachers for other subject ares, we will offer virtual tutoring for them also.

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ELM Daily Virtual Bell Schedule

Below are the three bell schedules that will be utilized this semester: Schedule A (Per.1, 2, 3); Schedule B (Per. 4, 5,6) and Schedule F (Per. 1-6 minimum day).

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Parent Attendance Change of Request Form

Click on the title bar to access the form to submit a change is your student's attendance.

ELM Restorative Practice Parent Request Form

If you would like to request additional support from our restorative practice team, click on the title bar to fill the form.

Genius Bar Support Form

Do you need technology help. Genius Bar is available from 3:30pm - 4:30pm. Complete the form by clicking on the title bar. A Genius Bar Teacher will call you.

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