1960s dance

remembering the 60s


back in the 60s dance was very different then today the names of dance the style and the moves there were dances called the duck, the monkey , the shingling it was a very unique kind of style of dance dance in the sixties popped up all over the world it was mostly known in the us but it was also known everywhere else all the types of dance came from the writer of the songs.like surfing music and rock music even love songs where very Popular back then .


now and then

although all the dance back then was very old and weird people today are now redoing the dance that was out back in that time remakes like the jerk and the original Harlem shake are being recreated now today. sense the music and dance was so diverse it was a lot more difficult to learn then all the dance moves that we do now and people now think that music back in the sixties suck that's because we weren't born in the sixties so we don't know what it was like to have those kinds of dance moves and old music to listen to people who were born in the sixties thought that the dance moves back then was good cause they were not fa miler with the dance we do now so they danced to unknown music back then.

the boogaloo dance was won of many famous dances back in the 1960s this dance took a while to learn if u didn't know how to dance back then.
The Miracles - Come On Do The Jerk

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