Animal Research Project

Kendal Stroble

Polar Bears


A Polar Bear's environment keeps it alive by camouflaging it when it is stalking its prey. This makes it easier for the Polar Bear to catch its prey. Polar Bears supremely adapt to life on sea ice.


Polar Bears are carnivores. They only eat seals, but they eat all types.

How can Humans be Harmful? How can Humans be Helpful?

Humans can be harmful to Polar Bears by shooting them for their teeth and fur. Humans can be helpful to Polar Bears by not polluting the water or earth in which they live. Humans can also be helpful by not killing them.


Polar Bears blend in with their environment (snow) when hunting seals resting on ice shelves. Their fur is special because it keeps them warm.

Does a Polar Bear have any special behaviors?

Polar Bears do not migrate, but they do chase their food to different parts of the seal's habitat.